Neighbours Recap 25-29 May 2009


So ended another lame week of neighbours. Zeke, as ever, did nothing to dispel my hatred. At one point early in the week he whined that Sunny’s letters to Ringo were ‘not logical’ . This statement, combined with the smoke that was now pouring from his metal ears, confirmed what i’d always suspected, that Zeke is in fact a robotic homosexual.

Meanwhile, the hunt for Paul continued, with the police taking the hilarious step of staging a stakeout of Charlie’s, complete with tapped telephones. Astoundingly, this shrewd policework did not yeild the desired results. After Rebecca covered for Paul the police threatened to charge her with being an accessory for manslaughter, or is that murder? What it is exactly that Paul is being charged with, and what happened to the man who actually, you know, ran down that Ramsay woman and killed her?

Anyway, in another scene, Zeke, wearing a purple blouse, and festooned with jewellery (probably), told Sunny he wouldn’t describe her as being ‘maladroit’, but rather, ‘hot’. I can think of a word i’d use to describe her: butt ugly. Oh wait, that’s two words. Later on, Sunny prepares for her date with Zeke with the help of Donna, trying on all manner of outfits so that she will look her best. For some reason, the suggestion of a paper bag never arose. If only Callum had been around. Lou’s run of bad luck, meanwhile, continued, this time with his truck blowing a tyre. Callum laughs at his misfortune and in so doing, confirmed his status as the show’s only saving grace.

Umm what else.. Bridget spoke to Steve about how she is preparing to ‘enjoy the ride’ of pregnancy. The writers could at least take the step of making her pregnancy somewhat realistic, you know, Bridget could perhaps suffer from the following: backaches, constipation, haemorrhoids, thrush, and the like. Also, it is apparently reasonably common for pregnant women to release their bowels in the act of giving birth. I really hope this happens to Bridget.

Libby cannot have babies. Steph wants to be a surrogate mother for her, for some reason, and reacts almost violently when Libby says that it would be too dangerous for her and declines her offer. I hope steph does decide to do it though- this way she can get preggers, at which point her cancer will return, thus killing her off and robbing Libby of her one chance at motherhood in one fell swoop. Also, Libby would feel incredibly guilty that Steph died because she is too stupid to have children of her own. Yes, that is my sound medical opinion.

Anyway that was about it, there was some other crap about Elle offering Katie 15k for an Erinsborough News exclusive on her story, but the whys and wherefores- including, but not limited to- how this local newspaper with a readership of probably 100 or so and typically concerned with news of community bake-offs and garage sales sees fit to run stories of journalistic merit in ther first place, or how said newspaper could afford to pay any money, let alone 15k, for such a story. I think the answer is thusly: The neighbours writers believe the average viewer to be an ignorant and gullible moron, that’s why.


One Response to “Neighbours Recap 25-29 May 2009”

  1. hotdogwehaveaweiner Says:

    Callum just doesn’t get enough screen time. He needs to be given free range to mock his fellow child characters. It would be reasonably easy pickings against Mickey and Ben, but comical nonetheless.

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