Neighbours Recap 1-5 June 2009


The Ramsey Kids

Dan or Susan: Would you like help with “X”?
Kate Ramsey: No it’s fine.

Rinse and repeat and you have about one third of the show’s content at the moment. The kids pretty much dominate the weeks activity.

Dan suggests Harry and Sophie start school whilst they are still unpacking items into their new home. The unpacking will presumably be Kate’s job entirely as she is marginally older than Harry and Harry has no neck. Harry briefly objects as he doesn’t have a school uniform but this is apparently not a problem according to Dan as half the school will be in casual for the school play. At no point were any more than 16 kids ever in a room to discuss the play and once we see the play it is pretty clear that about 4 people are relevant to the play. All 4 people live on the same street as the Principal. This is just a coincidence and excellent casting based on previous acting experience, I assume.

Once Harry realises Rebecca is Declan’s mum he opines that perhaps Declan’s mother has had a past of mingling with men who seek nothing more than the comfort of her bosom in exchange for the currency of the time. Declan is initially offended, only to hear the rest of Harry’s tale. See, Harry’s mother was just the same. At this point Declan and Harry embrace, but overcome with emotion that has lingered since they met, only a few episodes ago, they begin to engage in the age old Greco Roman Wrestling with kisses. They accidentally spill out on to the stage floor which is not good for Dan at all. See below – Dan.

The passionate embrace gets broken up by Dan who for no apparent reason has a jar of Vaseline in his hand. This only reignites the two boy’s desire and they accidentally hit some stage props which in turn fall on Didge who not only gets hit by some door like thing but also feels like the odd-boy-out. Didge is crushed. Oh wait, no, she’s fine and so is Tadpole. For the uninformed, it seems a writer thinks nicknames of an aquatic or amphibious nature are classic G-rated comedy. Didge’s spawn is nicknamed Tadpole because she is unique, please refer to her character bio, in which the statement “Didge is not like most girls” is most likely included.

The local paper runs a story about the local high school’s play and the tussle on the front page. The writers are really taking to having a fantastic plot progression tool in the local paper. Anyway this stirs all kinds of “Elle, why did you do that?” which isn’t very interesting.

Also, Kate may have started a fire in the old Robinson house.

Sophie (the young girl) wants to wear fairy wings but Kate tells her that she is too old for that kind of thing. Dan, without consulting Kate, attaches the wings and is lambasted by Kate for doing so. Sophie is playing outside and picks up a stray ball that has landed at her feet as a result of a street cricket match. Ben approaches Sophie and requests the ball, but is ignored by Sophie who is having difficulty letting go of the ball. This continues until Ben and Callum tease her about wearing fairy wings like a small child. Sophie’s character just got a new layer of depth. Callum and Ben won’t try to pick her up now given her unwillingness to give the red ball back and the obvious imagery of her being a potentially clingy girlfriend.

Ringo and Donna

They hook up again only for Ringo to be caught in a fire and then be saved by Steve. A fire is a pretty sure fire why for a character to die and this seems like a pretty wasted opportunity by the writers. Steph could’ve been over there borrowing a cup of rice or something only to be burnt to a char.


Apparently Dan is only a conditional school principal depending on whether or not he is able to be a flamboyant drama teacher. The head of the school’s board is present during the play and is dramatically shocked to see two school boys wrestling in front of her. Whatever shall happen to Dan’s career now there’s been a biff. Oh wait, the school play was a success, never mind the biff. At least that’s what appeared to happen.

Rebecca and Paul

Paul is on holiday for the week so his only communication with Rebecca is via telephone. He has actually skipped bail. This is dragged out so Paul can participate in his side career as a voice over actor.

It turns out Paul is searching for the Ramsey’s real father. Just like an innocent person would do……

Sunny and Zeke

Karl does the whole “I was once young too” spiel which is dismissed by Zeke as Karl wouldn’t know how to court a young boy. Turns out Zeke needs Karl’s help to romance Sunny so he can get more action than an on-stage kiss. None of this storyline is riddled with clichés of young love, but rather a refreshing look at a modern teenager’s approach to sex.


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