Neighbours Recap – 15-19 June 2009


The Half-way House Woman Becomes Half-way Womb Woman

As noted previously, Susan intends to be a surrogate mother on behalf of her daughter Libby. This is an intricate storyline that mysteriously follows the Neighbours writers’ Plot filling generator like a stereotype of an ethnic character.

Let me elaborate:

1. Every storyline involves an event.
2. Followed by characters central to that storyline discussing it.
3. Local newspaper runs a front page story on the topic of the event.
4. This leads to some degree of outrage and
5. At least 32% of the weeks content padded out.

Needless to say, this happens in this instance. I suspect Grundy’s has been overtaken by some kind of robot, which would in turn explain Zeke’s continued existence on the show despite his lack of, well, anything.

Anyway, my theory takes a slight battering when the plot takes a politcal twist and introduces the viewer to the pressures of hospital politics. It turns out a senior hospital Board member released the story with the alteria motive of removing the IVF facilities from the hospital. See, Neighbours has historically dodged any politically sensitive storylines in the past, but for a mention during the last election that Rachel would be voting Labor. Upon reflection and with due consideration of the possible motives of including this storyline, I realise that the robot theory stands. Something tells me, these robots will require IVF. For some reason. Yeh, you work that out. Ok, don’t. The robots want YOUR womb. This is grass roots politics. Interesting stuff.

Anyway, Paul runs a story in the following edition of the Ramsey Street Times, which points the finger at this politcal motive and to my knowledge the plot ceases. But not before Paul has a chance to prove his man-beans were amputated with his leg as he wimpers in fear of Karl.

Also, roughly 14% of this week is filled with happy couple montages.

Sunny is Asian. We get it.

The party posse of high school kids are required to make an anti-smoking ad using a novelty cigarette suit and a video camera. It’s pressure time for Sunny as her last project was a failure and her parents are Asian therefore requiring absolute perfection and conservatism. She tries to rail-road the idea generation and attempts to make some rubbish ad, but time is up to use the ciggie suit which now has to be passed on to the next group.

They later come up with a better idea so Zeke steals the suit back and the makes the new ad, which is presented to the class to much praise from the teacher, Fitzy. Fitzy then asks whoever stole the suit to own up as another group was unable to make their ad. Zeke almost admits his mischief but Sunny raises her chopstick and waves her noodles to take the blame for no clear reason. I honestly don’t know what happens after that.

The teen posse go to some concert and Sunny walks off into the bush and gets lost, because Asian women can’t drive. Or something. Ummm, RICE!!!!!

There’s some other crap about Ben wanting to change his name to Fitzgerald, which leads to Steph waving around her ham arms around in outrage. Meh.

Lucas is bored of domestic life because his character bio describes him as “a free spirit” or some shit. Elle and Lucas go to the concert so the can camp. Oh, Elle is such a fish out of water, but she’d do just about anything for her man. Like IVF for robots. Robots that look like men.

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