Neighbours Recap 29- 3 June/July 2009


This week is riddled with filler regarding the surrogacy. Time is initially drained when Toady is considering if he’ll be Libby’s lawyer. Basically a whole episode is chewed and spat out with this grissle and Toady ultimately decides to take the case after seeing Callum and how much joy he brings Toady. Callum has been reduced to a fucking plot filler device. Fuck that is some shitty crap. There’s also some crap about a news article Karl writes to stir up the hospital. Toady fucks up some meeting with the hospital and is sacked by Libby.

In other storylines, Didge and Declan have their baby and have to name it. I’m not going to describe how they came about the name India, but just assume the writers were trying to make it all zany and and an interesting baby naming situation and they failed miserably. We are blessed with cliches about new parents with their baby. It is not a glorified look at the difficulties facing teenage parents but rather a baby that will only stop crying if Declan sings the local Dingo’s footy team song. Also, Didge’s pectoral muscle is lactating.

OK, wait a second. Whilst searching for a picture of Didge, so I could photoshop it, i found THIS LINK. Seems we have a crab girl.

Mmm, nutrious crab milk.

Mmm, nutrious crab milk.

Well amongst the pointless filler, this week two hilarious things happened.

First, Zeke and Sunny were facing relationship ruin as Zeke was considering moving back to the Kennedy’s to protect Susan. Needless to say, this “protection” was laughed at and Zeke emoed out. He later decided to stay at Steph’s so Sunny could stay. See this is the depth of the filler we were blessed with this week. But, OMG it’s too late, Sunny has posted some letter to someone confirming she’ll move to Sydney. Next scene Ringo convinces the postman that his post-mobile is being spray painted by teenagers or something. It’s pretty dumb and the postman runs off leaving the post box open. They find the envelope and Zeke tells Sunny he loves her.

She doesn’t respond.

Let the emo begin, Zeke

Let the emo begin, Zeke

I’d like to point out that Sunny may not have understood what he said since she does battle with the language. At one point during the week she mistakenly said “Cool out”. Perhaps he should’ve said (in your mind put on a typical asian accent – basically you won’t be able to say “L” at all and instead say “R”) “I ruve you”.

Also, a word of advice, Zeke. Busting out the I Love You is a get out of jail free card. See, in the future you’re bound to have difficulties cause by you. She’ll be all disappointed and you won’t have any sex on the horizon so you hold the “I Love You” for that moment. It’s a get out of jail free card and results in sex.

Ringo rips on him too.

In other excellent news this week, Mickey wants to move back home. He’s gone. Huzzah! NO doubt, he’ll be given the traditional send-off:




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