Neighbours recap Sept 28th – Oct 2nd


Only a  short recap this week guys, I’ve been hectically busy this week.. my next recap will be killer, honest.


 The week begins with the neighbours writers using an excellent allegory to describe Zeke’s angst. You see, because of a young man’s actions towards him, he feels ‘trapped in the closet’. Longing to ‘come out’, he pounds the walls desperately with his girly fists, but to no avail.

Robin is into Sunny for some reason. Harry randomly leads the charge to find Zeke, or at least to find some less obvious foundation to cover his face pimples.

Lucas’ fingers slip while he’s sculpting his sideburns and he pokes his eye out.

Zeke, no longer able to contain himself, expresses his love for Robin in a physical manner, as is his wont.



 Lyn’s gossip column threatens to ruin her friendship with Susan. Of course it won’t, but i’m sure the writers will make it a fascinating ride. Lyn’s articles, meanwhile, are largely concerned with the local resident’s marriage issues, which for some reason is considered newsworthy for people living outside of ramsay st.

Robin challenges Zeke to a wrasslin’ contest, which Zeke heartily accepts. Zeke then dominates him physcially, as is his wont.


Paul points dismissively at Lucas and refers to him as ‘that’, which was quite awesome.

Donna gives a dissertation on the manner in which the financial crisis has had little impact on Australia’s social scene with the following comment : “When things are all doom and..gloomy..people want to go out and..and.. get their dance on.” Instead of throwing her out on the street like the mentally retarded bimbo that she is, they listen intently, even when she suggests she have a friend dance for an event, which was basically just a stupid way of shoehorning more of Kate’s dancing into the show, by which of course i mean, showhorning another thinly-veiled So You Think You Can Dance cross-promotion into the show. Watch and be amazed as a Ramsay St resident ‘discovers’ their natural cooking ability in time for Masterchef next year.



Libby announces her intentions to buy a house on Ramsay st. Karl warns Libby about buying a house from Steph, counselling her that it’s not good to mix business with friendship, and that there is a chance that the deal could go sour, sour like Susan’s breastmilk.

Donna, desperate to impress Saffron, draws a picture of Zeke, complete with the popped collars he likes to parade himself around in, and Saffron , keen to tap into the homosexual market, declares herself impressed.

 zeke popped


Sophie wins an award for her story about a time travelling girl who makes friends with dinosaurs, persumably because the only other entry in the category was a neighbours script, and Sophie’s story was more plausible.

Toadie tries to give Karl a high five, but Karl leaves him hanging.

Kate, or Plain Jane, is so very, very plain. Also, i do believe she uses a shoe buffer to achieve her unique face-shine.

Harry is faced with a tough decision – tell Kate about Sophie’s award and thus make her attend and in so doing miss her own big dance event – or keep it a secret and risk her being upset later. Option C- ‘shut the fuck up about this fucking stupid plotline because no one fucking cares’- never arises.

Donna uses her expert styling skills to make Sophie look like Dan Ackroyd in Coneheads.



In a classic sitcom moment, Harry agrees to go to Kate’s showcase after she begs him. But he already told Sophie he’d be at her award! Uh Oh! How’s he going to be in two places at once? What a sticky situation!

 Seeing as how Sophie and Ben got awards and Callum missed out, Toadie uses his superior lawyer intellect to patronise Callum to hilarious effect:


 Finally, Harry mumbles so much and is so lackadaisical in all of his actions i think he may be permanently stoned.


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