Neighbours Recap 2 – 6 November 2009



Through a bunch of convoluted scenes it turns out Lucas is not going to go to New York with Elle. This is such bullshit. I don’t know why they don’t let him go since he is as redundant as Libby, Steph or Toady. Anyway, the episode focuses on Lucas and Elle sharing their last moments together, which is all very romantic and includes a picnic at the garage. I’m almost certain that not even the 13 year old girl demographic cares about these two.


Unrequited love between Elle and Lucas? Meh.

Donna waits in the mediation room with Elle, Toady and the mediator until Saffron arrives. Saffron has decided she’ll forego legal representation – perhaps that’s all the fashion these days. Saffron is asked questions about her relationship with Donna and she plays the “I saw some of myself in her so I tried to nurture her and gave her work experience, which I won’t be doing again” card. Donna says her bit and simply asks for an apology because, like all 18 year old girls, she has no pressing need for money.


Ok, That'll be $128.80 or one sorry.

The scene cuts and then we see Donna finishing up in the toilets about to leave only to be confronted by Saffron who threatens to ruin Donna’s career.

In other news the teen posse begin their final exams. It’s pretty uninspired really.


Donna says she lied about being slapped by Saffron (that’s why they are in mediation by the way) so everyone starts packing up. Until an extra, who was also employed by Saffron and appeared on our screens intermitently, bursts into the room and says the same thing happened to her. The scene pretty much ends there and the next scene is everyone celebrating at Paul’s house. It remains unclear if Donna has received her “sorry” or why anyone is proud of her since she folded completely and was about to let Saffron off scot free.

This is also Elle’s final episode. Some people see her off actually at the departure gate which is very odd as usually the customs entry is the last point for farewells at an international airport. So they see her off, it’s all very touching as you can imagine. Oh wait, you can’t imagine? Here are some happy snaps:

Fuck.  Now I have to hook up with Steph?


You're finally fucking moving out.

And finally, because I know you care:

It's just so touching.  One of those timeless soapie moments.


Ok, so I missed the episode, but I have watched the highlights.

At the moment a number of the storylines are pinned around establishing a reason for a character to leave the cul-de-sac, namely Elle and Dan. It seems the writers were granted plenty of notice for both of these departures as the plot developed over a reasonably long period of time. Even if that plot was Elle saying “I don’t want to go to New York” followed by “Maybe I will go to New York” repeatedly and not in any different structure either.

Sunny will also be leaving the show and this episode lays the ground work for her departure. Many weeks ago, when Zeke moved back into the Kennedy residence, Sunny had to call her parents to seek their approval of her living with her boyfriend. She spoke to them in Korean but didn’t tell her parents despite telling the Kennedy’s her parents had approved. This was apparently a big secret, even Donna says “that was your big secret?”

So Kyle, the one stop school-bully-plot-device, overhears Sunny and blackmails her demanding her to do his assignments. Libby marks one of his assignments and is surprised by the result, which she suspects was actually done by Zeke. When Zeke finds out it was Sunny, he takes the blame to drag out the storyline and in some bizarre fashion make Zeke appear like some loyal honourable fellow – perhaps this will be some kind of character development for when he is a hairdresser and keeping all his clients secrets. Sunny ultimately owns up.

Lucas sulks.


If the “exchange people” find out Sunny helped someone cheat her exchange program will be cancelled and she’ll be sent home. Did she come on exchange for Rachel, because I honestly can’t remember? If she did then does Rachel come back? Meh, who really cares. Anyway, Sunny really wants to know what’s going to happen, but Libby can’t get in contact with Dan, the school principal. So in the meantime, Libby says the school will address the problem internally without contacting the exchange program.

Dan, in the meantime, is managing Lucas’s sulks. God forbid Lucas gambles again, since he only actually ever gambled about three times in the first place. So Dan is ignoring Libby’s phone calls using his “support” of Lucas as an excuse. Libby turns on the annoying voice and nags Dan, which is met with contempt such is the trademark of the current Evil Dan.

Sunny tells her parents who inform her that they will be coming to Erinsborough to take her back home. I just can’t wait to see the awesomely racist portrayal of Sunny’s parents. I can just imagine the Kennedy’s serving them a meal and not providing chopsticks, whatever will those silly Korean’s do?!? Perhaps they too will have Australian accents just like their daughter.

Also, Lucas sulks as he is wont to do.


There’s some uninteresting drivel about the Ramsay’s and the DHS. It’s basically tacked on because there seems to be an internal Grundy’s policy to have at least 2 storylines in every episode. So Harry promised Sophie that they wouldn’t get split up and Sophie, despite her supposed intellect (refer: writing prize), takes this as gospel. There’s some filler until Kate plans to do whatever it takes to keep the family together, which basically means to skip town to Sydney. She clearly has an understanding of the ineptitude of inter-state government organisations.

I totally rate Evil Dan, he is almost the only logical character on the show. Turns out his biggest problem is that Susan is too involved with the baby she is carrying for Dan and Libby. Not sure where exactly this all came from, but at one stage he tells Susan to fuck off in the politest possible manner.

fuck off



Eventually Dan and Libby reconcile, but Dan has a bombshell. He wants to move away from Ramsay St, away from his mother and father in law and out of a share house. Is Libby ready for all these changes, I mean, she is only in her 30s afterall. I really hope Evil Dan mocks Ben some more.


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