Neighbours Recap 9 – 13 November 2009


This is only going to be a mini-recap. Normal recapping shall continue next week.

Reproductive Terminator

Dan Evil

I have come back from the future to kill your baby

Since Dan’s reprogramming a few weeks backs, he has been on a quest to destroy the spawn germinating inside Susan’s withered womb. Grundy’s clearly believe the fact that the baby is still in the womb is a point of difference and therefore liable for any similarities to anything (read: Terminator).

It builds up over the week until the final showdown. Susan, calling all her witch powers, turns a hazey shade of pale and starts cackling or laughing – it’s not really clear which. She torments Dan by thrusting her pregnant stomach back and forward, until Dan lashes out.


Dan jogs away as if nothing ever happened, whilst Susan is left there slowly melting, as witches are wont to do.

Susan loses her baby and everyone seems to blame Dan. I guess he’ll just have to leave the show.

Nightmare on Ramsay St

This apocolyptic future backdrop continues with the Ramsay kids all orphans, which history has repeatedly told us make the worst gangs.


Can't get no respect

Not only are they orphans, but they also face this totalitarian government trying to take hold of their family wellbeing. Apparently because Harry got suspended he isn’t coping and will have to be moved into foster care. This “all-seeing” government agency even someone knew about Harry spray painting Steph’s driveway.


So Harry is sent to a foster home. Lou will eventually take custody of the kids.

Stick it Where the Sunny Don’t Shine

Sunny tells Zeke she is ready to put the bomp in the bomp bah bomp bah bomp, and Zeke agrees that he’s too is ready to put the ram in the rama lama ding dong. They are about to go to Sunny’s bedroom, but Zeke wants to watch a quick movie to get him in the mood.


Yep. That was a cheap joke.


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