Neighbours Recap 8 -12 February 2010


Chucky’s Revenge

Kate continues to batte with Candice (dancing bully) for the lead position in some dance performance. At the final rehersal Candice, convinced her ability to move a bowler hat around her head is greater than Kate’s, decides to take matters into her own hands. Candice tampers with Kate’s high heels. Naturally this attack has the absolute maximum impact it could possibly have, so Kate now has a damaged ankle.

Candice turns on an oven

Declan nurses Kate and it’s very touching. Whenever will these two get 2gevah? Lollersk@z. They both act like people in their early 30s despite being 18. Meh. Anyway, she looks ridiculous.

This photo doesn't do her make-up justice

That's a better angle

Kate gets the lead position and the recital goes all to plan but for Candice stealthily pushing Kate. The dance director falling in and out of a cockney accent sacks Candice. Kate feels bad because Candice has a kid so she gets Candice her job back, thus affording Dinnerdog the joy of recapping this interesting storyline in the future.

Zeke the catalyst for corporate takeovers

Zeke’s court case is currently in session and the honourable Judge Con the Fruiter is presiding.

Ah, the old days when PC meant Personal Computer.

So that’s two former Fast Forward comics both relegated to Neighbours in the space of one week. Anyway, Zeke is offered the opportunity to plead guilty for his trespass and damage of propertycharges. He refuses to, claiming that he is making a stand against those evil corporations. He is basically a martyr declaring a jihad on animal testing. Fortunately PETA is on his side and has animals on the ground and running.

Perhaps lipstick wasn't such an imposition after all?

Zeke continues to argue and make a stand for what he believes is right. Con the Fruiterer is having none of it and sends him to time-out or something similar.

They return and Zeke continues to refuse to plead guilty. Then for no real reason he decides he’ll just plead guilty. Now wasn’t that easy? He gets off with community services and a good behaviour bond.

Well, that’s until the local rag, the Erinsborough News, writes a front page story about him. I’m so glad to see the Erinsborough News able to be shoehorned in as a plot device even without its star writer, Elle Robinson.

As a result of the negative publicity, PirateNet’s biggest subscirber has pulled out. Apparently this subscriber is very conservative or something so Zeke loses his job as Lost Boy.

Zeke befuddled by the convoluted plot so far, is too unable to make a decision on his own. Instead he asks Kate for some adivce. Kate says “Good PR” about kajillion times then suggests a more conservative news article. Which apparently needs a photo like this:

Somehow the “good PR” article has resulted in the owners of the warehouse in which PirateNet operates deciding to pull the plug on allowing PirateNet to stay there for free. As a result PirateNet has to close down.

This sets up nicely as Paul Robinson is keen to own a new business. Interestingly the writers bring up the media ownership laws that exist in Australia. This is something young people should know about, as it’s an important part of the democracy that is Australia. Unfortunately, the writers are idiots.

Apparently Paul cannot own PirateNet because he already owns the local newspaper and that would result in a concentration of media power. The difference between this and the real world is that there are three media types in the real world print, film and radio. No individual is allowed to own interests in more than two of those industries. For example, Rupert Murdoch owns News Ltd, which in turn owns Foxtel and various forms of print therefore he cannot own anything radio or radio related. So when the Neighbours writers decided to shoehorn this regulation into place they passed it off as control in local media. But, PirateNet is on the internet, so couldn’t reasonably be described as local media.

This all leads to a conveniently boring plot. Rebecca is going to control PirateNet as its CEO. There will however, be a boring power struggle between her and Paul. Paul will constantly demonstrate that he no longer has testicles and concede every point to Rebecca.

Steph doesn’t give a staph

It’s Valentine’s Day and Lucas receives a call from Steph’s boobs.

The editors held this shot for about 10 seconds

The boobs inform Lucas they are returning.


A few scenes later Steph informs Lucas she isn’t returning just yet.

😦 - LOLZ

A scene later she decides to come back. Lucas immediately assumes it’s game on.

Carn darlin' I'll treat ya right

He is rejected.

Awwww, it's sad face again

Summer’s sassy new attitude

Summer Hoyland has returned, she brings a sassy new look and attitude. I suspect the writers will struggle immensely to maintain the sass factor currently underpinning everything Sassmer right now.


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