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Neighbours Recap 19 – 23 April 2010

April 24, 2010


The Neighbours set department is being streched by Libby and Dr Harris’ chance meetings in different settings. So streched in fact, the next meeting is at Ben’s first dance class, which is held in the Erinsbrough High classroom. Ok so the scene is set, but how the fuck are they going to shoehorn Dr Harris into this scene? Well he arrives with his “niece” who we’ll never see again. Children are essentially a prop to the Neighbours writers.

Libby and Dr Harris engage in some awkward, poorly scripted and acted dialogue, which also includes Libby’s inner-monologue. What a creative way to present the narrative. He asks her out for a drink, but it will be at a bar called Flair, because they’ve already had a scene at Charlie’s.

Now the relationship between Dr Harris and Libby has an inherent conflict. Dr Harris works with Libby’s dad, Karl. Karl and Dr Harris have a varied relationship, but the last time they spoke they made an agreement to work together to improve the hospital. But, this is Neighbours and we all know they’ll eke out all the possible blood in this storyline just so the viewers hate the relationship.

In an effort to protract Dr Harris or Libby realising their common ground in Karl, Libby refuses to ask what Dr Harris does for a living. He isn’t known as Dr Harris, I just don’t know what his first name is. They have an entire date and do not talk about what they do for a living or anything actually about the person they are interested in, but rather a sequence of stupid trivia like questions. Such as –  if you, as a producer of an internation TV show, were accussed of being racist what would you do?  Libby responds:

I'd hire an Indian actor and give him an anglo name like Doug Harris.

Doug laughs whilst touching Libby on the arm “At least they made me a doctor rather than the other Indian stereotype – a service station operator.”  They are about to make-out, but are disrupted by Sonya who is in the club trashed.  Sonya is keen to go to the casino for some gambling, which is bad because she is a recovering gamber addict, but convenient to drawing out the Libby/Doug courtship.  Libby leaves her date and takes Sonya home. 

Donna tells Nick the truth at the coffee shop, his response is recreated below in full.

You’ve been lying to me?  You said your name ws Kelly, pretended you wanted to work for me, but the whole time you were…

He leaves in an effort to drag out this storyline.

Following that excellent scripting, he arrives at Donna’s house the next scene.  He turns out to be perfect.  Well almost, he doesn’t live on Ramsay St so is evil.


Donna asks Nick to get a DNA test so they can make sure after what happened to her with her fake brother.  Nick says he has to think about it.  Next scene, he has agreed to the idea and has arranged a DNA test for that afternoon.  They really are lazy in filling up screen time.  Also, the other potential father, Nicholas Mckay, has sent Donna an email.  Oh I see, it’ll be like perfect father figure vs not so perfect father figure.  I hope they cast Nicholas Mckay well:

For those not familiar, google 'Hey Dad sex scandal'

Lucas talks to Sonya about her gambling relapse whilst they play pool at Charlie’s.  Dinnerdog and I discuss how Lucas’ rat like sideburns are very adolescent.

Then this happens:

Like a man.

Toady is upset about Lucas consoling Sonya as he suspects Lucas is going to sleaze on to her, which seems logical.  Steph doesn’t make any apologies for getting him into this situation, instead she says “once the baby is born you can have another crack at Sonya”.  I have no idea how that makes sense, but the writers are really milking Steph’s foetus for all its worth.

Sonya pashes Lucas

Obviously Toady is in the background.


Lucas takes Sonya back to his burrow, also known as Paul’s house.  Toady is outraged and eventually confronts Sonya.  Sonya informs him that she it was just a kiss and nothing more. 

Ringo has returned with a new alternative musician style attitude, which he picked up after a couple of months in Sydney studying to be a paramedic.  I like how a character can leave and return with either a new personality, face or both.  Anyway, his new “personality” is meant to be conveyed by the wardrobe department who are unfortunately retarded.

His new style is Zekesque

Not much else really happens.  Ringo doesn’t want to be with Donna, which is part of his new Zeke-based persona, I suppose.  Also, Ellen is convincing Kyle that Rebecca is keen on him.


Declan acts surly about Didge’s 18th birthday.  This lasts for a couple of scenes and is quite boring.  Kate goes to Didge’s grave.

There's a footpath on her grave?

Declan acts surly.

Ringo sings a lame arse song.  I wondered how the writers were going give Ringo a chance to sing on screen.  Hopefully that’ll be the last time.

I don’t think anything else happened.


Ellen talks to Lucas about how they are both loners and Lucas responds:

"I'm a loner because I want to be"

As if that makes him some kind James Dean.  What a tool.

So Ringo is now a paramedic or something, which appears to have taken a grand total of 3 months to achieve.  I don’t care if he is just going out for work experience, students don’t get practical training until late in second year. 


Kate's face is particularly shiny today.

Callum complains about his relationship with Toady ever since Steph came on board.  He surprisingly complains that Toady just tries to buy him off with bacon and video games.  Surely bacon is Callum’s single greatest delight.

Hahaha, so Ringo has a bad day with the ambos because he makes one mistake.  But fate would show Ringo has the skills to be a paramedic after all.  Some gal is having an allergic reaction to something right in Lassiters just as Ringo is walking by.


I’m pretty sure this exact sequence of events happened last year when Dr Karl arranged for Ringo to have a trial run with the paramedics and then Ringo saved someone in a park or something. 

Ringo sees the girl in hospital and she steals his ID or something.  I pressume she is going to be a stalker, because, well it worked with Donna stalking Ty.