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Neighbours Recap 14 – 18 June 2010

June 19, 2010



Steph is getting all dolled up for her big wedding and I’m a little bit surprised the writers didn’t jam some reference to her being a biker, since it is her only character trait. While she gets dolled up, she does look a bit concerned, or maybe that’s just the way her weathered face sits.  It’s hard to tell without her mouth slightly agape.

So she is stressed about the wedding and about telling Sonya everything.  I can only imagine how ridiculously embarrassing running through that sequence of events would be for her. 

"Well, yeh and because abortions cause cancer, Toady is going to be the pretend father for six months. That's a good timeframe right?"

Sonya is trying to move to Perth for her new job, but she runs into a lazy plot device.

In a previous storyline Sonya refused to drive a car and mocked Toady for liking cars, as she rode along on her push bike.

This lazy plot device also dishes up a nice hack situation.  Because Rattus, as a mechanic at the local garage, apparently also does road side assistance.  For fuck sake, is there no critical assessment or quality assurance when these storylines are put together? It’s just lazy.  Apparently Lucas is working because the wedding is on and it is too painful to see Steph get married.  He was with her for two fucking weeks almost immediately after Elle, a girl he was with for ages, left.  More importantly, rats aren’t monogamous.

Rat orgy

Well the writers have pulled out every cliche they can muster.  Steph has a flashback.

Memory = black and white


Steph and Toady's wedding has finally arrived


What the fuck was that?

Your mother sucks cocks in Hell, Karras, you faithless slime.

Fuck.  This show just can’t stop repeating storylines and dialogue.

 Steph and Toady do their vows, but Toady’s are meant to be a creative message to Sonya.  Unfortunately, the words aren’t creative enough and don’t make sense at all when spoken to Steph.

Or when he finishes his vows and looks at Sonya

Later on Sonya confronts Toady about this storyline and decides to ignore how retarded the situation is, instead she basically declares her love for him so she’ll stick around until everything is resolved.  Like a good girl.  So we’re in for another six months of this shit.

Callum decides to cut Toady's grass and fingerbangs Sonya behind Charlie's

Superdad continues to cockblock Ringo. Perhaps he doesn't approve of Ringo's ratstail

 After her romancin’ with Callum, Sonya is a bit flustered and decides to have a couple of drinks.

Martini time

 After a few drinks she walks outside looking for Callum.  It’s dark and she is a bit confused (read: drunk) so she makes out with Toady, presumably thinking it is Callum.

Libby catches them


Libby tells Dr Doug that she saw Toady and Sonya making out.  Dr Doug tells her not to jump to conclusions as there “is probably a logical explanation to all this”.  How wrong he is.  She confronts Toady who explains that Sonya kissed him and he tried to pull away.  That all works fine until hack writing mixes up Toady’s paper work with Dr Dougs, revealing Sonya is going to be staying.

PirateNet is having a special outdoor broadcast.

So special, they got Ringo to do a live performance

Hahahahaha.  Ringo and Donna are back together.  They kiss with a gaggle of gawking onlookers, just like Declan and Kate.

Cue: Cheers and applause

Ringo decides to propose to Donna.  Because now that Toady and Steph are married, there needs to be another wedding on the horizon. 


Superdad convinces Donna not to accept the proposal.  For some reason the show presents his rational voice as the irrational one and the destroyer of true love.  Donna then decides that she does want to get married.


Paul has doctored footage of the construction site which now only shows fake-declan prancing about.

Who's a Macho Man?

Worried that Paul is going to set him up, fake-Declan lollipops over to Toady to seek advice.  Luckily Toady keeps all of his legal files at his house, so he and fake-Declan dry hump the files until Toady discovers the truth.  He is a bear and no longer a cub.  Also, Paul has embezzled money from Lassiters by increasing the price of an invoice by $100,000 and then giving that money to PirateNet to keep it solvent.  Because I don’t have any idea what Paul owns and what he doesn’t, it’s pretty hard to definitively point out holes in this storyline.  You know, except that he hired a new, and supposedly expensive, lawyer.