Neighbours Recap 28 June – 2 July 2010



Worried about Susan’s current threat, a “cyber bully” and real life stalker, Zeke suggests they call the police.

He loves a man in uniform

Needless to say the police offer no help.

Susan appears to be suffering from agrophobia.  Naturally this leaves her confined to the comfort of a public toilet cubicle.

Donna finds a skeleton in Zeke’s closet.

It's already fabulous

She really wants Ringo to be a paramedic.  But Ringo doesn’t want to becuase he will earn more as a builder.  I hope the intention is to point out that paramedics are grossly underpaid.  Unfortunately it’s simpy a way to wipe up the jizz-stain that was the “ringo is a builder = Donna gets injured on building site” storyline.

It's like Donna and Ringo were never part of that storyline


Susan is still in the ladies, until Zeke comes to her rescue.  (S)he finds Susan with this random girl.

I just wanted to exchange lipstick

Susan accuses her of banging on her door and yelling at her.

Lyn and Fake-English-Accent Terry come over to the Kennedy’s offering to comfort Susan for a bit, when Terry says “that’s my job the light relief”.  I always find it depressing when a character has to verbally point out their only purpose.  It’s even sadder when that actor was a much loved comic, clearly desperate for a dollar.

Despite Karl’s objections, Lyn and Terry take Susan to Harold’s.  Naturally they lose her.  Karl finds her at the Blokes Clubhouse.  Naturally her MS finds its way into the plot.


Libby and Zeke have decided to become Charlie’s Angels in an effort to solve the cyber bully mystery. 

Susan needs to go to the hospital, so Toady takes her, but pitstops at Lassiters and Susan goes missing again.

Zeke and Libby seek help from Susan’s lecturer and it becomes clear the lecturer is the stalker. 

The subtle abuse to Neighbours’ English fanbase that is Terry, has now been offered a job on a cruise ship as a choreographer.  Zeke is green with envy.  Terry invites Lyn to come with him and she is reasonably keen.  She refers to Noumea as the Paris of the Pacific, which makes me sad for Paris.  It also reminds me of Buenos Aires, the Paris of South America and Beirut, the Paris of the Middle  East.  Seems an odd comparison.  Even sadder is that Lyn isn’t going.  Terry’s departure is a small act of benevolence by the writers.


So the lecturer stalked Susan because in 1995 he was a student teacher.

15 years ago this guy was a student teacher? He's a regular Peter Pan. Except doing adult stuff, so not Peter Pan at all.

Susan was the principal.  She failed him.

Wait, what?  Huh?

That’s the reason her lecturer stalked her?  Perhaps he could, ummm, I don’t know, just fail her?  Then laugh and say, you failed me so I couldn’t become a teacher, but now I’m better than you – I’m a lecturer.

Anyway, all that bullshit aside, surely this is the perfect time to kill Susan.  He hates her because she gave him a patronising pep talk, fair enough.  So this is your chance, buddy.

I don't know. Maybe just pick up a keyboard and bash her. That'd be kind of poetic. With the whole journalism and cyber bullying.



It seems Friday is starting to become Callum comedy club night as this little gem of a storyline appears again.  Unfortunately the writers have no choice but create some kind of pointless conflict.  The conflict is homework and Toady really wants that homework done.

Callum arrives at a comedy club with a fake ID.

Your 18? Yeah today. Aren't you going to congratulate me?

Pure gold.  He also almost fights the bouncer.  Just like a real 18 year old.  I’m surprised anyone on Neighbours would go to a place requiring an ID or even dare to have a fake ID.

Callum sneaks in through the back fence.

I really wish he had a fake beard to compliment his hat and sunglass disguise.

Also Paul’s “boss” Diana Marshall from overseas and also with a terrible accent, now knows about Paul’s supposed embezzlement.


2 Responses to “Neighbours Recap 28 June – 2 July 2010”

  1. ruth allen Says:

    hi ya when is steph going to reveal her story about the pregnancy with dan ! would love a part in neighbours lol

  2. Beth Says:

    love this site i just found it lol and love the commnets u put in especially about bashin her with the keyboard 🙂

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