Neighbours Recap 9th – 13th August 2010



Michael contemplates why That Guy got so surly in Friday’s episode.  He struggles to rationalise That Guy’s outburst until Tash dismisses his speculation by explaining that That Guy is a 17 year old boy.

17 and surly? Yes. He must be gay.

Deadset that was in the first minute of the episode and Michael’s gaydar, prompted by nothing I might add, is beeping all over town.

To prove himself right, and win the bet he has with himself, Michael walks into Libby’s classroom and sets a special project for the students.  The project is to tell or write down a secret, which is as pointless as it sounds.

      Teacher: Bobby did you write down a secret?

      Bobby: Yes I wrote it down.  But I shredded it.

      Teacher: A+

That Guy chooses Neighbours’ favourite recording device.

What an excellent medium to tell your girlfriend you’re gay.  Especially when, for no reason whatsoever the school bully, Macca McGreggor, decides to grab the Ipod out of Summer’s hands just after she nabs That Guy putting it back in her bag.

Macca - Sometimes names should be changed to be more appropriate post-casting.

A small part of me wishes Macca was wearing a highland.

Now he looks more Macca-ish

Libby confiscates the Ipod and gives it to Michael.  Michael gets That Guy into his office to discuss the Ipod.  When asked about the recording, which Michael hadn’t listened to, That Guy says a bunch of stuff including “I was confused about Andrew”.  That statement sealed it for Michael, who asked That Guy if he is gay.  That Guy ran away.

I have no idea why they have bothered to make That Guy come out of the closet.  He is a token bit-part character with no prior suggestion he was  gay until one episode prior.  Particularly when two established characters fit the bill much, much better.


Some point during last week Lou mentioned that he is thinking about buying the car yard again.  Well realism is boring so 4 days later he owns it and has organised a bonza grand opening.

There’s also a galah causing Lou all kinds of mischief.  Unfortunately the producers have found the worst possible recording of a galah’s call, which is used over and over.  Some of you may recall Karl lost his pet galah a month or so ago.  Well, unsurprisingly it has returned.

The wardrobe department has given it a brand new attitude.

Anyway, a sausage sizzle and banner attracts crowds of people.  Strangely enough.

That Guy announces to the school that he is gay.  He later tells Andrew that because of his friendship with him that he developed feelings for Andrew.  Andrew bails.  This really is a stupid storyline.  I give it a week.


Unfortunately my computer is constantly crashing.  Far too frustrating to keep trying to do the recap.

Might do it later.


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