Neighbours Recap 23rd – 27th August 2010



Someone has decided to add a preview at the beginning of the week.  This particular one shows Donna’s wedding and Paul’s “Who Done It” storylines so there’s no point in actually watching the show.

Unfortunately I am too late with this recap that Channel 10 has taken down the episodes off the website so there won’t be any screencaps.

Nonetheless, the episode focuses on Donna and Ringo trying to learn a dance.  For some reason Ringo’s mum is being a cow, it’s kind of annoying for a while until I realise that’s exactly how I’d behave if I were confronted with these insufferable douchebags.  Well I’d almost act like that, until the narrative takes an unusual turn for the worse.  Ringo’s mum, Penny Cook, is arguing with Donna’s Superdad because they have to dance with each other.  Where is Donna’s Mum, Tottie Goldsmith?

Both Penny and Superdad leave the dance class, provided by Kate and never return.  Donna goes to the only hotel room in Lassiters and finds Penny.  In a dressing gown and Superdad in the other dressing gown.  Why?  Apparently Penny doesn’t like her husband, Ringo’s dad, and Donna has to keep this a secret until after the wedding.  This doesn’t have pointless written all over it.

In storyline “B” Rebecca is becoming more aware of Paul’s embezzlement.  To highlight this awareness, her inner thoughts are on repeat-mode as they go around in her head.  She gradually works out that the $100k “gift” to save PirateNet was stolen from somewhere else.    Declan eventually tells her the truth about the embezzlement and Rebecca asks him why he didn’t tell her before.  He can’t answer the question so Rebecca does not hold him at all accountable and that is that.  Perhaps she realises how stupid this storyline is.


Donna’s big day has arrived and the wardrobe department has decided to exceed the previous worst efforts.

YAY! It's just like a FAIRYTALE! YAY!


Only to outdo themseleves by ensuring the bridesmaid looks even more retarded.

Is that pink thing a Shrugalero?

In hilarious and original fashion, everyone has made their way to the wedding and Donna is still waiting with Superdad in Ramsey St.  And guess what.  Yep, the car that is taking them to the wedding has broken down.  Will she ever make it to the wedding?

Rattus to the rescue

Unfortunately Lucas, in keeping with his natural instincts, lives like a rat.

Donna, worried that the mess in Lucas’ car will make her dress worse, decides to stand on the ute tray.

What an adventure

Well surely she’ll make it now.  Ohhh OOOO spaghettios.

Will Donna ever make it to her wedding day?


They’re desperately trying to be clever or someone in the editing team wants to be a director because the narrative is told in almost backwards.  Well, they try, but it’s too hard so it is never done again.  The episode starts with Paul on the balcony, camera is first person mode, and he says “well hello, it’s you” just like one of those hack Cluedo murder mystery shows.  Then this.

The next half hour of this show is going to be insufferable

Zeke can’t even wear a suit without looking like a funboy.

The police officer rightly points out that Lucas has had a number of driving infringements and won’t let them go.  Until recurring police woman appears, pulls rank and says she knows these people.  Yeah, she knows them professionally because bullshit is always happening in their street.  Why would that make her at all sympathetic towards them?

Argh. God damn this stupid show

They get married.

It’s almost time to develop motivies for every character to kill Paul.

At the reception, Donna and Ringo do the dance they’ve been practicing for all this time, including all of Monday’s episode.  They do a fucking foxtrot.  Neither Penny Cook, nor Superdad do any dancing.  Surprise surprise.

MC Zeke invites all the single girls up to the dance floor whilst Lucas and Michael look on with hawk like eyes for someone to pick up.  Obviously not realising they live on Ramsey St which limits their options dramatically.

Limited to 1 girl in their age bracket.

Lucas is the brother of her ex-husband and Michael is her boss.  But don’t let that stop the writers.

Libby decides Lucas is the best option to contradict all the other storylines going on at the moment so she seduces him back to her place.  They seem to completely ignore that Dan, Lucas’ brother and Libby’s ex-husband is apparently in hospital after a motorbike accident that crushed his balls.

Gross, they've even shaved his fur to reveal his flabby exterior


The episode starts with a 3 hours to go preview thing.  Jesus, it is shit.  Fortunately it is followed by recaparama’s favourite thing.

We love a headline.  And now, we’re going to screenshot each one and post them for archiving purposes.

Well I’m not eating ever again.

Very unsavory indeed

I think Tash is my favourite character on the show.  She brings Chris (yeah that gay guy still exists) into the General Store to find Summer.  Summer compliments his suit and Tash says “Course he does.  Gay guys know how to dress”.  At least she makes the writers hack stereotypes funny.  Not long after that, the three of them are at the reception and Tash pays out the reception for being at Charlie’s.  Tash then asks Summer where she would have her wedding, interrupts her and points out that Summer will have to find a real boyfriend before she can get married whilst looking at Chris.

Lyn comments that the world would be a better place without Paul.  DRINK.  First hint of motive to kill Paul.  Who-done-it.

Declan is outraged upon finding out Paul’s masterplan to block the sun.  He can’t help but rely on his surly face to do the acting for him.

Waylon Smithers

Fake-Declan reveals Paul’s secret hiding place to Diana.  He apparently keeps everything in a box in his house which is locked with a key.  Diana pick pockets Paul for his keys during the daytime and come night time she breaks into Paul’s house to get into the secret hiding place.  Apparently Paul hadn’t noticed his keys were missing that entire time.  There’s nothing in the box so she breaks stuff in his house.  She makes a call arranging some to take care of something.  DRINK.


Libby explains how she seduced Lucas.

Again with the interpretive dance

Diana is arranging something presumably dodgy in the General Store.  I’m guessing the guy is meant to appear to be an assassin.  Well  until he starts counting money in an envolope and it is clearly a couple of hundred dollars.

She must be paying her taxi fee or something

Rebecca finds out Paul slept with Diana.  Motive.  DRINK.

Paul stands on the Terrace and battles with his inner thoughts as they start going in repeat mode too.  The camera is set to shake mode to build atmosphere.  All the possible pushers are heading towards Paul at once, because they all want to confront him at the exact same time.

They’ve actually already shown all this footage about a billion times during the previews at the beginning of each episode.  He gets pushed but luckily Karl is there at the perfect time.  I’m a bit surprised Ringo isn’t there to save the day.


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