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Neighbours Recap 15th – 19th November 2010

November 21, 2010


The trial starts and it’s a bit disappointing that reporters from the Erinsborough News aren’t at the door taking pictures of Steph as she enters.

Paul has managed to convince Donna to attend the trial.  Donna asks Karl what culpable driving actually means, presumably in an attempt to make her look doe eyed and innocent or something, but instead it makes her sound like a selfish bitch who has no interest anything besides herself, even if it involves her dead husband.  Maybe his will would get her interested.

Karl explains that culpable means someone who has knowingly driven under the influence causing death.  That’s partially right, so I’ll give the writer’s half a golden star for legal studies.

Kate is in the witness stand being questioned by Sam.  Sam questions why Kate changed her statement, suggesting she has been influenced by other people.  But Kate’s changed view is based on her observations of the crash scene afterwards and could be either verified or otherwise by an expert.  Sam is interrupted by Toady.

toady “Your Honour, clearly this girl is too plain and boring to lie”

yawn Yawn

The jury nods in agreement.

Because so many characters have gotten away with stupidly talking in Charlie’s about extremely sensitive matters, Paul and Sam see no issue in discussing their cunning partnership in full public view.  Donna sees them and realises Paul only wants Donna at the courtroom in the hope it will make Steph feel guilty.  Perhaps donna could attend out of interest or respect for her late husband. 

Paul explains to Donna that Steph has to be held accountable.  Donna again explains she doesn’t blame Steph.  The viewer remains confused by Paul’s motivations outside of him being the only baddy on the street.

c Callum pretends to pay attention to Summer’s blabbling but is too caught up in the delicious nacho cheese sticking to his fingers.

Summer wants to buy Steph something nice in the hope of boosting her spirits.  She decides on a particular suit, which is kind of confusing as one of Steph’s only discernable character traits is that she doesn’t wear suits.  Because the suit is going to cost $1,500 Lucas offers to pay for it. 

Naturally the viewer assumes Lucas is going to start gambling again in order to pay for this present.  Hilariously in the next scene Lucas is at Charlie’s talking to some random guy.  Turns out Lucas is going to sell his toolbox.  Apparently it is his personal toolbox, which he has taken around the world with him.  Seems odd, as he was originally introduced as a photographer and only became a mechanic due to Ramsay St’s obligations to that particular profession.

Apparently Lucas only needs to sell his tool box to raise the $1,500.  The buyer would be wise to search on the internet.

toolkit Brand new 132 piece Stanley toolkit – $208.

My efforts to find a generally accepted formula to calculate sentimental value go unsatisfied, at which point I realise what the writers have done.  The guy Lucas was selling to was conspicuously in a wheelchair presumably to convey that he is disabled. 


I assume the writers have decided to extrapolate the disability to the extent that the poor guy is unable to make sound decisions on his own.

pretty bird  “Pretty bird.  Pretty bird”

Oh dear, it seems Lucas’ agenda was even more sinister.

Sleazeface Sleazeface can only mean one thing

alrightI suppose they aren’t related so it’s not that bad.


This is a bit confusing.  Toady wants Dr Doug to provide his expert opinion regarding Steph’s mental condition, in particular, her post-natal depression.  It’s confusing, because if Dr Doug knew Steph had post-natal depression and knew that it would impact her driving, then since he didn’t do anything he would be negligent and therefore liable to a variety of charges, fines and legal action. 

But if he did tell her that it might impact on her driving then she would be responsible.  But for reasons unknown Toady decides it’s absolutely important to get Dr Doug in the witness box despite the only plausible outcomes being extremely bad.  Steph should really get a better lawyer.


Ok, apparently Dr Doug diagnosed Steph after the accident, but I don’t want to delete my worthlessly good work.  The part about this not helping Steph still stands though.

I must admit that I was reasonably impressed by the script describing the difficulties and seriousness of post-natal depression. 

Sam decides to bring up Dr Doug’s relationship with Libby to undermine his testimony as it is not independent.  Clearly she is the bastion of good governance.


The B storyline for this Tuesday is all about repeating tired old ideas.  Donna decides to arrange a street BBQ so everyone can reconcile their differences, Callum did that just a few months ago.  Also, Kate and Declan are boring  up the screen which causes Kate to cry.  Donna asks her what’s wrong, which Kate dismisses as fumes from the onions.

Onion tears Wahhh!

See Friday in this recap – Cheers to Dinnerdog for the pickup.

lesbian He looks like that plastic surgery lady only with more terrible hair.


Hubba Hubba!  No not that thing above.  Tash undoes a couple of buttons on her school blouse.


In an effort to attract the only plausible mate she could have on the street, she purposely drops her books.

tash  Don’t worry she’s over 18 in real life.  Barely…


Steph, distraught with the failure of Dr Doug’s testimony, tries to suffocate herself.

solace Or maybe she has a blood nose.  Either way this scene makes no sense to me.

So Callum is in the scouts? 


I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he’ll learn useful skills.


Toady, in keeping with the great legal advice he has provided so far, gives Steph papers to apply for joint custody of Adam.  Steph eventually admits that’s what she really wants and decides it’s a good idea after she gets Libby’s consent. 

This seems completely at odds with Steph’s fear of losing Charlie if she goes to jail.   Why would any family court accept Steph as a fit mother for joint custody?  Especially considering Dr Doug’s diagnosis was thrown out of court only yesterday due to his conflict of interest.

So Michael and Rebecca continue to bond over Australian music, which is enough for Michael to instantly have a massive crush on Rebecca.  It’s a bit bizarre since, for all Michael knows, Rebecca is a married woman.  I guess Michael is just an utter dickhead, but I’m sure it’s not the writer’s intention to make him a dickhead. 

michael  But he is.

Also, the fact that their relationship is completely based on the appreciation of some music and nothing else suggests the writers were too lazy to bother thinking of anything else.  Hopefully this implies that this development isn’t going anywhere.


Exit now indeed.


Lou returns from wherever and is greeted by Donna. 

Lou For some reason I reckon Ringo will look like Lou when he is old.

Declan is teaching Kate how to drive manual so she can get her license.

driving But she is having a bit of trouble with the gearstick.

driving Declan gives her some hands on advice from his experiences with a knob. 

He is also particularly mullety today.

Mullet He really is business at the front and party at the back. Gay pun intended.

Declan and the detective are kind of battling for Kate’s affections.  Because they are male, and the writers are one dimensional tools, they have a pissing contest about their cars.  The detective even suggests he can go through red lights by putting on his siren.  Presumably the detective doesn’t take a squad car home with him at night, so he is on duty at that time.  He should just arrest Declan.


Tash is starting to leap frog Callum as my favourite character on the show.  She is trying to convince Lucas to put in a good word for her to be Queen of the school social.  Now I’m not sure what that is meant to be, but Lucas responds by saying that he can’t because he is a teacher.  Tash interrupts him and points out that he isn’t really a teacher. 

For some reason she has decided to go turbo about getting Ellen back, but he isn’t keen.  Tash decides the only way to make herself happy is to ruin the social and the easiest way to do that is to steal the funds.

funds $300?  So I guess the organisers won’t be able to afford cordial now.

So Lyn decides to arrange a blood donation drive to honour Ringo.  It’s actually a good idea, but rest assured it’ll be ruined by retarded scripting.  This time it’s Karl being a tool once he realises Lyn arranged it, because Lyn is the mother of the person who killed Ringo and therefore the conflict angle can prompt a storyline.

This leads all the way back to the conflict the Kennedy’s previously had when Libby decided to lie in her statement to the police in an effort to save Steph.  Karl reveals that he wants Steph to be punished for her mistakes, because when it comes to morally ambiguous questions only the two extreme outcomes are reasonable. 

Why not just present the facts rather than get caught in subjective questions.  For example, when Sam asks Libby if Steph should have been driving at the time when she last saw her.  Libby could simply respond that Steph was upset, but I don’t think I’m in a position to make a judgement on the soundness of anyone when it comes to driving.  Simple.  No need to lie, but admit to your limitations, there’s no way “upset” could be considered to be negligent driving either.

But instead, Libby has decided to go all out and lie to make Steph’s case appear better.  Whilst Karl has already decided that Steph is guilty and should go to jail. 

Next week Sam brings out the big guns and the case is turned on its head.