Neighbours recap 8th-12th November



Trying to forget about RIngo, Donna approaches Kate to discuss ‘boys and clothes’- this does not segue as it should have done into how cute Ringo looked in his burial best, but rather a discussion about fake declan. Kate tries to shift the topic to clothes, but Donna insists that fake declan is more topical. Like lotion, or baby oil

Steph is gardening in the driveway. which prompts Paul to antagonise her about Ringo. Steph loses her cool and throws manure on Paul

this is a problem, because Paul hates manure!

Toadie is outraged at this lapse in judgement. “Steph could be charged with assault!” he bleats

Donna, keen to  find Kate a boyfriend, asks the cop if he thinks Kate’s attractive, or some shit. His response, “well, I reckon there’d be some bloke, somewhere, that wouldn’t say no” strikes me as being terribly insulting.

Some bloke, somewhere

Yet Donna instead interprets this as meaning that he has a crush on Kate. ‘Guy code’ she calls it, as though as a detective, he’s predisposed to speak in riddles, subtle clues in his choice of words providing insight into his motivations. With this in mind, let’s look at what else he said while in the coffee shop..

"I'd like a flat white"

Ok, so maybe he does like Kate after all.

Paul goes to see Donna, who makes it abundantly clear that she isn’t interested in seeing Steph go to gaol. “That doesn’t help Ringo” she states, “and it doesn’t help me.” Given Paul only decided to help Sam put Steph away out of a sense of duty to Donna, Paul withdraws his support for Sam and endeavours to help Steph beat the charges, in line with Donna’s wishes.

Except, of course, that didn’t happen. Paul is more determined than ever to see Steph put in prison, except now he’s doing it without any motivation whatsoever. Honestly, what possible benefit could there be for him to have Steph go to prison?

Anyway, having earlier ‘caught’ Kate wearing a bike helmet that was incorrectly strapped on, the cop asks her to go to dinner, suggesting that he won’t book her for her transgression should she agree. Presumably, the implication is that he would book her if she said no. I’m sure that’s illegal, and a sleazy abuse of power.

Sam enters Toadie’s office with a spring in her step. It appears she has a trump card in the case against Stpeh. So what is this damning piece of evidence? It’s an affadavit from a guy who was staying in the same motel as Steph, stating that he ‘was forced to brake suddenly’ after ‘a motorbike pulled out of an adjacent car space at high speed’.

‘Ten minutes later she ran into Ringo’ she continues. ‘She knew she was unfit to drive, that’s culpable driving.’ she states, matter of factly, with a stupid condescending face.

Unfortunately for Sam, even a moment’s consideration of her statement reveals its inherent flaws. Why does Steph’s lack of parking lot ettiquette prove culpable driving? How does it prove that “she knew she was unfit to drive”? But it seems that toadie doesn’t have a spare moment, as he takes the news glumly.

At the end of the episode, Kate reveals that she holds Steph responsible for Ringo’s death, so Lyn fires her.


Kate runs into fake declan outside lassiters and tells him that she doesn’t think that Steph’s death was an accident. “That’s not how I saw it!” she screams. “I was there, and it’s Steph’s fault” she continues. So what does Kate believe, that Steph intentionally murdered Ringo? Evidently, yes.

Sophie finds out that Kate got sacked and is horrified. It seems that Kate’s part time job at the general store made her the family’s sole breadwinner. “What are we going to do for money!” Sophie shrieks.

The cop has a coffee with Kate and reassures her about the court case. “You’re too smart to let lawyers freak you out” he says. “Way too smart” he continues, with emphasis. This is an impressive insight into Kate’s character that he’s gleaned from his 3 minute conversation with her.

Kate begins her quest for another job. She calls a cafe and enquires about a sandwich making job, but her chances are continually cruelled after she mentions that she had a fight with the management in her last position. Perhaps she should just say that she has no prior experience, I’m not sure that these jobs have strict employment criteria.

this guy was headhunted from NASA

Keen to impress Kate, the cop takes her to a fancy dinner. At Charlies. Unfortunately, their night is ruined when they run into fake declan, and he’s shocked to see that she’s moved on.

‘What, are you rubbing my nose in it?!’ he should have said, but doesn’t.

‘No, it’s not like that, I just didn’t expect to run into you here. Or your mother, who owns the establishment’ comes Kate’s response, in a world that makes sense.


Kate reveals that the reason she thinks Steph is guilty is because she had plenty of time to see Ringo on the road. So she does believe Steph is guilty, though not of culpable driving, but rather, as she describes it, murder. Donna takes fake declan and Kate back to the scene of the accident and Kate realises that she was wrong, Steph didn’t intentionally murder Ringo after all. She isn’t remorseful.

I almost put steph in gaol for murder? What a drag

At any rate, her testimony would be rendered moot in the face of a police investigation, there being experts who would deliver a verdict as to whether Steph could have seen Ringo in time or not, the court holding such a verdict in higher esteem than the opinion of a teenage girl without any driving experience.

Rebecca and principal dance to some 80s music. He is now in love with her.


Chris ‘cameo’ Pappas, enticed by Summers proposal of a man sandwich at her house, sprints over to Summer’s, but is dismayed to discover that she was being literal.

Zeke patently sees himself as something of an Arthur Fonzarelli, as he sits in on meetings with the high school dance committee, so that he might proffer his worthless opinions. The girl sitting to his left in class is less amused

Chris later surveys his cheese and pickle sandwich with disgust.

What am I, vegan? She knows how I like my buns stuffed with meat!!


Summer, post kiss, isdismayed to discover that Andrew just wants to be mates. She’s lonely, but at least she still has her sense of moral outrage for company

With summer’s character so obviously modelled on Lisa Simpson, i’m just waiting for to start playing the sax.

Paul confront Donna in the street and insists that she show some interest in the passing of her late husband and attend the court case. She objects to this loudly, and startled by the noise, fake declan and Lucas  emerge from the bushes, sweaty and ashamed

Lyn realises that Sumer likes Andrew,  and is determined to make them realise their attraction to one another the only way she knows how: without subtlety

Hey ploy works, up to a point. Andrew attacks the phallic dessert with gusto, his cream smeared face at the end of his feasting indicative of his sexual leanings.

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