Neighbours Recap 31st January – 4th February 2010



Following Lucas’ purchase of his fancy new bike, Sonya assumes he has taken to gambling again.  Toady simply explains that Lucas “would’ve saved a packet living in the shed and Kate would be charging him mates rates and he’s been working two jobs for ages.” Sonya agrees that this is totally reasonable, you know, despite the debt he has been in since last year, but that never happened, but the gambling did? 

Neighours What I imagine the writers constantly look like

Lucas isn’t gambling, instead he is taking parts of cars, which is somehow dodgy, so I assume the cars are stolen.  The guy he is doing this for seems to think he is some kind of kingpin, he can’t help but talk like a cheap Australian rip-off of the Godfather.  He asks Lucas if he’d be interested in some street racing.  Lucas, in search for motivation heads to the garage where he finds this.

Neighours Probably my favourite filler scene this year

I can completely relate to it because I also have a trophy cabinet to keep me motivated too.

SDC10589 One day I’ll be a street soccer player.

Now that Lucas’ motivation levels have reached beta he heads out to do some street racing.


Now I don’t hate this storyline, despite the lazy plot holes.  Although, the street racing seems awfully over the top, since race tracks nearly always have open days where people can race legally.   Also, with the addition of a detective to the recurring cast it’s 90% certain that Detective Brennan will catch Lucas and then ask him to go undercover. 

So he races and wins.

Neighours Hmm, I wonder how I could photoshop that picture…

lucas I’ll fix up the gap in his mate’s teeth.  That’s how.

Since all her clothing was destroyed in the fire, Summer is forced to wear a Donna hand-me-down.  It apparently makes her look frumpy.

Neighours I don’t know.  It seems to fit pretty well.

Tash offers her spare uniform, but warns that she alters it.

Neighours OK, it looks like a uniform.

Apparently all Summer can see in the above picture is pure hussy.

Neighours But she’ll wear it anyway since she, for no reason, is going to all ends to keep Tash happy.

Neighours Oh, I see.  It’s some kind of wonder dress that slays fringes.


At school Callum and Sophie discuss getting back on the radio now the school year has started.  Zeke emerges from the school toilets with a sore neck, but because he has no other reason to be there, we are left to assume he was in the toilet knobbing guys.

Neighours His neck is so sore, he really needs to rub one out.

Zeke seems to only appeal to 13 year old girls due to that demographics unwavering commitment to effeminate males.


So I guess Sophie’s crush on Zeke is not completely baseless.  It is, however, extremely boring and the centrepiece of tonight’s episode.  Tash is roped into the storyline and comes to a similar conclusion.

Neighours“I don’t care”

She really is great.

Callum, clearly feed up with the retarded people he hangs around, decides to turn to satire.  Exasperated, he gets the attention of whoever will listen exclaims that he feels a lot like Charlton Heston, stuck on a primate planet.

Charlton-HestonDetective Brennan isn’t the only underwear model around here.

Because he can see no way to improve his circumstances, Callum declares that he will become one of them.


There was also some subtle comments about evolution, but it was all very theatrical.


Since arriving on Ramsay St, Jade has attempted to expose Sonya’s lies, Toady’s bad parenting, Lucas’ gambling and now her midriff.

Neighours She’s all about exposure. 

The romance, or courtship, or whatever it is meant to be is really boring between Michael and Rebecca.  So why would they labour on the very weak foundation of their relationship?

Neighours80s Australian music played on a device that was superseded in the 80s.  Makes sense!

Wow, that really was a blast from the past.  Time for a flashback.



The episode starts with Declan and Rebecca discussing their situation in great detail, just in case anyone forgot.

Neighours Hopefully we can go over this twice each week until the storyline concludes.

At the end of yesterday’s episode, something which i omitted from the recap, Michael got testy at Paul and then had a squealing match with Declan.  For some reason Michael’s arms become robotic when he is asked to act with any range.  It’s pretty funny, almost Robocop-like.

Neighours Even an 80s icon like Robocop wouldn’t wear a singlet like that.

Finally Lou’s caryard is getting some of the burn it so deserves.  He is looking to hire a new salesman and the only applicant thus far.

NeighoursCrafty Kyle

crafty1 As some might remember him

This has all the hallmarks of classic Neighbours.  Lou being a used car salesman, a former school bully and off course, Callum. 


Rebecca tried to put an end to Paul blackmailing Lyn, but Paul caught her out.  To justify it, Rebecca explains that both Lyn and her are terrified of Paul.  I’m not sure what Rebecca is terrified of, except that she might try and kill him again?  So faced with Rebecca’s wishes, a gutless Paul concedes and let’s Lyn off the hook.

Neighours She might be off the hook, but she still has a mullet

A builder named Jim Dolan who you might remember from the building site disaster last year is probably going to be contracted to fix Lyn’s house.  At the moment though, Lyn doesn’t have the money.

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