Neighbours Recap 7th – 11th March 2011


This week is going to be an abridged recap because Dinnerdog is off in Noosa and I haven’t got the time to do anything better.

black_dog_beach_poo Dinnerdog enjoying the beach.

In truth, I’m not going to do a proper recap, not even an abridged recap.  I’ve only seen one episode for this week, but it’s the one that counts.


Susan and Zeke sit in the coffee shop discussing Zeke’s impending departure.

Susan: Have you packed your stuff?

Zeke: No, why?

Neighbours “Leave some room, you’re going to need it.”

And moving on from dirty quotes, today is Zeke’s last episode.  Unfortunately he isn’t killed, but he kind of just leaves with no fanfare at all, perhaps an indication of the contempt with which he is regarded in Neighbours circles.  But cry no more, Zeke.

09512_91847_zeke_fight_thumb We’ll give you a tribute.

Skimming back over the history of recaparama in search of the times and trials you faced it was hard to tell which pictures of buttless chaps related to you or Declan

george-michael-and-zeke or even George Michael’s shame.

Yours is a tale of a confused boy, who grew into a goth, then an emo and finally an unconvincing man. 


You tried your best to be cool, even taking cues from Fonzie.


But you were always derided by your closest “friends.”


Your most significant storyline was the 2008 season finale, a time when I still called you (-_\\\), you dared to go adventuring down white water rapids, except without the white water and rapids.  When the boat tipped in dramatic fashion you disappeared.

water-3 Leaving the viewing public with a false hope you’d died.

There was even a funeral with a collage.

yikes If only he really died.

You returned with amnesia, because you didn’t deserve an original thought, and starred in your most memorable scene ever.  I’ll let the pictures do the talking.

I am Daniel son.

I am Daniel son.

I'm a gopher

I am a gopher

Block the bad

Block the bad

Harness the good

Harness the good

Yoga Flame!!!!!!

Yoga Flame!!!!!!

Here is the last known image of Zeke.

6115_Mattsfinal1_570x428 Vest and all.


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