Neighbours Recap 28th March – 1st April 2011


bb Monday

Callum continues to have excruciatingly inconvenient dreams about his childhood.  He can only remember a specific sequence of events, but none of these flashbacks reveal anything.  It makes the viewers flashback to last week when entire episodes were spent doing the exact same thing

JoeyPorsche-758038 Doing the same thing can be pretty dumb.

The flashbacks focus on a teddy bear which bears some resemblance to one of his childhood toys.  During the flashback sequence, a person takes the teddy bear away from him but the person’s face is just a silhouette and the dream sequence ends.

Neighbours   Very crafty, editing team.  [Pause] Ya dickheads.

With the help of Dr Karl, Callum is able to reveal the face behind that silhouette, in front of the sun

tex And under that hat.  It’s Tex.

And he really wants that teddy bear.


Callum refuses and runs away to his tree house.


He quickly realises that his teddy bear is no ordinary teddy bear.

Neighbours His teddy bear gets great pleasure from farting, apparently.

Neighbours His teddy bear is Super Ted.

Oh the adventures they’ll have.

In the “B” storyline Jade tries to find out if Mark is still interested in Kate.  She does this because she wants to be Kate’s friend despite her prior assertions that being friends with girls sucks because they are all bitches.  Lucas sees Jade and Mark having lunch and tells Kate that Jade is cutting her grass. 

Kate, armed with Lucas’ stupid opinion, questions Jade and Mark only to be told to fuck off.


Kate storms home and lashes out at Lucas.  What a pitiful man.  He is meant to be in his mid-30s and is being torn apart by Kate, who is in her second year out of school so 19 or 20.

Neighbours Hang your head in shame.

Robinson Entertainment is back in business following the disappointment that was the school formal.  Andrew is organising a dance party, which he describes to Sophie with some extras in earshot.


The extras, or at least the talking extra with brown hair somehow knows Sophie.  This makes little sense since Sophie is 13 and these girls are hanging out at a pub by themselves.

Andrew overhears his Eastern European named business partner talking on the phone.  Eastern European says “it’s a dance party, there’s a particular market we have to play up to” implying drugs.  Or at least that’s what I assume, but it’s probably something much, much worse.


Anyway, Andrew really thought he could organise dance parties and not expect drugs to be sold there.  His supposed business acumen knows no bounds.

Andrew looks more and more like Andrei Kirilenko every day.

Andrei Kirilenko

Or maybe an axolotl.




A Dahl sighting.  Cue the bizarre sound effect.

Dahl’s song naturally prompts Karl to take his t-shirt off.

Neighbours Why are they doing this?

Don’t worry, it only gets worse.

Neighbours Yes, that’s Lyn, wearing a shower curtain.

Neighbours It’s ruined Dahl for life.

The show actually reverted to classic Neighbours, which was great.  In the scenes that followed the above foulness, Toady manages to convince Karl that Lyn has a crush on him.  At the same time, he convinces Lyn to be extra nice to Karl, until he gets used to her staying at his house.   I honestly wish this was 80% of the show instead of the normal stupid drawn out ridiculous storylines.

Neighbours Once Karl realises he is ever so disappointed in Toady.

I quite enjoyed the episode.


Lucas really is a pathetic slob.


In an effort to help Jade rustle up some business for her personal training business, she enlists the help of Lucas and Kyle.  She wants them to be eye candy for her female clients.  Did real life Lucas break up with his girlfriend or something and the writers want to boost his confidence? 

Tash realises she has no friends.  This is going to come as a shock and a surprise, but as neither Andrew or Summer are talking to her, she is now a total loner.

Neighbours She even has to pay Nerd Girl to hang out with her.

But luckily the fag is there to collect more hags.

Neighbours Poor emo kid.  Where’s his friends?


Callum arrives home with a detention slip.

Neighbours For falling asleep in history class.

What a crock of shit.  When has any teacher ever given a shit about a kid falling asleep in class?  In fact, that’s about all I can remember doing at school.

Untitled Ahh, such innocent times.

But now it’s the time for what we’ve all been waiting for – who will sell more calendars?  But before that, Callum is tallying up the sales and rightly observes that the “Women of Erinsborough” are not giving up anything and have everything to gain.  Apparently this was an oversight on both Toady’s and Karl’s behalf, but I suspect the writers were simply too lazy to come up with a comparable prize to the Men’s Shed. 

The men win.  Nothing.

Callum channels Lloyd Christmas.



Untitled “I hate goodbyes.”

Tash is now hanging out with Chris which makes Summer jealous.  Fortunately they can all hang out at Charlie’s bar, without any adult supervision despite being underage.


Anyway, back at the General Store, Callum is caught red handed with receipts from the calendar competition.  Turns out he tried to rig the count and the girls actually won.  Lyn smugly lists the retarded things she is going to do to the Men’s Shed, which includes having a book collection so they can have a “free library.”  That explains so much about the script writers.



One Response to “Neighbours Recap 28th March – 1st April 2011”

  1. Justin Says:

    Love this blog – im only home occasionally to see the show, so its good to keep track of the general storylines.

    Loved the Lyn-Karl shower storyline too – classic Neighbours indeed!

    And good pick up about the teens hanging out at Charlies – they are even in their school uniforms!

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