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Neighbours Recap 9th – 13th May 2011

May 26, 2011


The ominous arrival of a caravan on Ramsay Street sends a shiver down my spine. 

Neighbours Who could it be?

My immediate assumption is the return of Janelle Timmins fresh from the trailer park with a batch of slacker spawn and Allan Steiger.

NeighboursActually, that’d be pretty awesome.

Then I remember Harold left to travel around Australia in a caravan and his return, triumphant as it is, is also sadly underpinned by financial hardship.

Neighbours Callum does his best to cheer him up with using the excellent comedy stylings of a giraffe in sunglasses.

It seems to do the trick because no one seems to mention Harold’s prostate cancer, which is sad.  Especially since Susan Bower wishes they’d killed him off for good with the cancer.

Were you sad to see such an icon as Harold leave the series?
"Yes, of course. My only reaction is yes. To be honest I just wish that with the amount of discussion that happened, and I have to say that it is ultimately my decision, I think we should’ve killed the character off."

How would you have killed him off?
"I think through the cancer storyline.


Whoops, the cancer does get a mention.

Karl: Is everything ok with your health?

Harold: Yes.

Sorted.  Now that we’ve killed that storyline off, moving on.  Toady wants Harold to provide his objective opinion about Sonya.  Yep, it’s as meaningless as it sounds.

gaps1 Filler.

Jade challenges Kyle to a wingman competition.

3437800708_90f6576608 Jade quickly gets stuck in, eating the bones and all.

Their competition is to basically get as many numbers for the other person as possible.  I really wish they did a proper wingman storyline, whereby they both approach a group of people and the wingman quickly occupies the unattractive friend.  The casting and scene could be excellent fun.

wingman  Thank you internet for making jokes for me.

Jade predictably develops a crush for Kyle’s simplistic charms.

Toady finds out Sonya promised Callum that she’d never relapse ‘to bad things’ again or whatever it was she was supposed to have been/done.  Anyway, this promise causes Toady to lose his fucking shit.

Neighbours ‘LIAR! LIAR! LIAR!’

It seems this ‘We’re ok, no we’re not, yes we are’ storyline between Toady, Sonya and Callum is simply never going to end.


Kyle set on becoming a modern day icon walks into Kate’s house.

Neighbours‘Ayyyyyyeeee!  Do you like my sundress?”

A stranger has arrived in the parish of Erinsborough trying to find a lawyer, Jarrod Rebecchi.  He gives Harold his card.

Neighbours Yeah that’s right, Shane has made his way down the Princes Highway

Neighbours because he is Callum’s father.



Neighbours Ha, the wardrobe department continues to outdo the scripting in characterisation.

At least the Dwight Howard is a good player.  I wonder how Chris feels about Kobe Bryant.

Or Joakim Noah

Maybe Chris should consider taking up boxing.  He might finally find some love.

A school without a school uniform is just simply insanity.  Well at least that’s what the writers want us to believe, unfortunately their rationale is completely unjustified.

justin_timberlake-1762 In that it completely lacks Justin, which makes him pouty.

See the writers are desperate to make a fool of Michael to progress the Paul Vs Michael storyline, so they introduced the no-uniform policy.  Now how on earth could a no uniform policy backfire?  It couldn’t because a no-uniform policy would be great.

Gun-Backfire-300x240 Now lets ignore logic.

Summer finds Tash rating her peers’ hotness out of ten.  This is enough for Summer to conclude that the no-uniform policy is terrible so she rebels against the school policy and puts on her old uniform.

footloose Teen rebellion was very different back in my day.


Neighbours Thank you Erinsborough News and thank you Karl for the perfect face to accompany that front page story.

Whilst Kate’s sister, whatever her name is, agonises over what to wear to school, Kate walks in wearing an odd outfit.

Neighbours I believe the shorts are called ‘gunt pants’

So I think I hate Summer.  In the space of 30 seconds she points out the irony of something Tash says, whilst failing to see the irony in her own comment, then calls Tash judgemental and judges her.  Summer, you’ve joined a select few recent characters.


Finally a chance for Detective Underpants to combine his love of acting with his love of modelling underpants.

The no-uniform policy is also stressing Sister-of-Kate, so much she decides she must earn some money to buy new clothes.  My first reaction is that she really has no character at all, except fragile, impressionable and innocent teen girl.  I suppose that makes her a blank canvas for the writers to defecate on.  Hmmmm, ‘defeKATE’ I might use that one later.

She decides to place an ad in the General Store offering her baby sitting services.

Neighbours Neighbours Babysitting turned out unpredictably.  Charlie goes missing

Neighbours Gunt pants.

Wait a second.

Neighbours Them some tight pants.


As a young chap I’d run away from my parents all the way down to a storm water drain (about 200m away) pretend I was an abandoned kid seeking shelter, get bored and return home shortly after without anyone in my family realising I was gone (thus not guilt tripping them into a GI Joe). 

I think it’s fair to say kids go missing pretty regularly and unless you have reason to suspect a kidnapping or similar there probably isn’t justification to call the police.


I suppose it’s the first time he has run away, if we don’t include the first two times he ran away, so Lyn is right to assume he really is missing.

I’m not sure how Charlie going missing can lead to this reaction from Summer.


Perhaps she is pissed off that she has to look for her baby brother instead of doing whatever teenage girls do these days.

new-girl-punk-emo-hairstyles Whatever that is.

If you’re streaming Neighbours off the internet, here is a rule to live by:

  • Only watch scenes that involve Dr Karl.

It’s that simple.

In tonight’s episode he attempts to set Libby up with an extra, which he seems to think is a brilliant plan.  His world is turned upside down when he sees.

Neighbours His only daughter holding hands with Lucas.

Neighbours Dr Karl and Susan aren’t quite progressive enough to accept bestiality.

Hats off to you Dr Karl.