Neighbours Recap 25th – 29th April 2011



Paul has decided to apply for a position on the school Board, which I presume would be in pretty high demand given the importance parents place on school.  For example, if Libby didn’t care so much about Ben’s education he wouldn’t have fucked off to genius school.  Or even if she didn’t take any interest in him, whatever.

917290-the-boy-from-oz Those fancy dance moves Kate taught him landed Ben (left) a gig on The Boy From Oz musical.  Same with his real-life shithead brother, Mickey Ned-spawn (right).

Paul’s platform for election is that he is Andrew’s father and a material supplier (Lassiter’s catering) to the school, I suppose it has some logic.  Except that Boards, particularly those with any sense of appropriate governance, tend to avoid conflicts of interest where possible. 

His role at Lassiter’s would make him conflicted as he is a material supplier of business, but that should be manageable.  Also he lives across the road from the school Principal, Michael Williams.

The Other Man Plus the whole Michael humping Paul’s wife thing.

So, I guess that would make Paul an absolutely fucking terrible candidate. The majority of the Board votes in favour of Paul’s candidacy and he is now a fully fledged Board member. 

Now during the build up to Paul’s new found directorship he thought it necessary to try and drum up support.  Because Libby carries so much sway with the school Board (/end sarcasm font), Paul seeks her support. 

Initially convincing her that his intentions are completely honest, which Libby basically gobbles up with little thought, he later suggests her as a perfect replacement for Michael.  It actually takes a pep talk from Paul for Libby to realise she is a 30 something living at home with her parents with little or no purpose in life.  Even her special needs son, Ben, is more independent.

Neighbours Derrr

At the Williams’ Tash talks up Nerd Girl’s party, but Michael isn’t willing to let her go.  He does, however, give Tash back her phone.

Neighbours She quickly replaces the wallpaper.

But it only reminds me how idiotic Tash’s obsession with Andrew was in the first place.  I mean, she went from not being interested in him, to being obsessed to the point of faking a pregnancy and back to not being interested in him at all again. 

787474-st-kildaWell I suppose “St Kilda girl” did exactly that in real life.

So now that Gay Chris is a main character, he gets excited.

Neighbours High-beam.

Tash and Gay Chris discuss ways in which to get Summer and Andrew to attend Nerd Girl’s party.  They believe it’s the perfect opportunity to get them together and make everyone friends again, thus ending the piss-boring storyline.


Still unsure if she wants to support Paul and potentially stab Michael in the back to get his job as school Principal, she decides to make a five year plan.


Neighbours Odd specific, but plot relevant goal.  Now it’s in PowerPoint so it’s a lock.

Nerd Girl has a party at Lassiter’s Park, which is a refreshing change from Charlie’s, but wait.

Neighbours Dickie Knee has a body?

Andrew and Summer almost get back together then don’t.  So he makes out with Nerd Girl.

Neighbours Hopefully this is the end of the Andrew-Summer-a-thon.  Also, Andrew is on the left, in case you couldn’t tell.


During the 90s Neighbours had one tradition that, until tonight, seemed to disappear.

 Neighbours Neighbours Whenever someone walked out a door there was always someone just about to enter at the same time.

So apparently Lucas has a tattoo on his upper back.

Neighbours So now he has a permanent rats tail.

Kyle’s financial and career struggles have not been well documented here, but they do exist.  In an effort to turn his fortunes around he promotes a big sale at the car yard, but he is once again up against it when a bent cop comes demanding money. 


It’s difficult to work out on what basis the cop is demanding money.  He seems to suggest that he could fine Kyle, so why doesn’t Kyle just accept being fined.  That why he can contest the fines and if these fines are consistently coming from the same police officer it would at least be suspicious.  So I guess, in summary, this storyline doesn’t make sense, but it’s totally worth it, I’m sure.

Kyle is unable to come up with the money so Bully Cop tells him to start poll dancing to earn some cash quickly.

Neighbours He tucks the first $20 note into Kyle’s G-string.


‘Forgiveness’ is Neighbours’ way of brushing things under the carpet and simply move on.  Whilst the characters have to forgive each other pretty regularly, such as Sonya forgiving Toady for the whole Steph debacle, it also seems like a plea from the writers for forgiveness from the viewers.

The ‘forgiveness’ principle should form part of the writer’s due diligence before inking a new storyline.  Perhaps I should explain the principle. 

If a week of forgiveness scripting will be required it is not a good storyline.

I’m pretty sure that would reverse about 80% of my hate towards the show in its current form.

Lyn_large Lyn’s impending departure will reverse about 8%, it would be more if she was killed off.

Those percentages are probably a bit generous.

Anyway, in this episode Lucas puts the hard word on Toady to forgive Sonya and whilst Toady doesn’t take the bait, his resilience is clearly wearing down.  I can’t forgive the writers for this storyline.

Neighbours Underpants finds a security camera that might reveal the truth about Kyle’s claims.

Neighbours He reviews the footage in the privacy of a public bar.

I presume none of this is official police work then, but how did he get the footage?  As a civilian, I guess.  The footage shows the bent cop rough housing Kyle so Underpants sets up a sting.  Kyle now has to go undercover, I wonder who’ll be the next undercover mule.  They bust the baddy cop and Underpants and Kyle become friends.  So that was the end game of that storyline?  For Kyle and Underpants to become friends?


Following a fall out with Honga’s girlfriend, Kyle is searching for a new place to stay.  For the uninitiated, Honga is Kyle’s best mate and every reference to him should be savoured.

honga Honga

Kyle is now living with Lyn, justifying his place in the opening credits.


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