Neighbours Recap 4th – 8th July 2011



Lucas’ daddy issues carry across to this week.  It’s not that his dad is dead, Lucas appears to be comfortable with this development, instead Lucas is pissed off that he has to scatter his dad’s ashes.  This ‘chore’ really bothers Lucas.



Is it because Lucas is a dickhead?

It certainly seems that way when he chucks his dad’s ashes in the bin.

Neighbours Seriously?

Meanwhile, with the departure of Detective Underpants, Jade and Kyle are busy finding a replacement housemate. Their options are a blonde chick, an ethnic man both of whom are presented as attractive, an overly religious girl and a method actor.  They eventually find a normal person and offer her the room, which she accepts until.

Neighbours Lou walks out of the shower to the backing track of quirky music.

Lou’s post-shower body sickens the new housemate enough that she decides not to take the room.  It also marks the lowest point of Neighbours comedy.

Back in Lucas’ mind, he remembers his dad, which provides enough impetus for Lucas to fulfil his dad’s wishes and spread his ashes.  Hopefully that was a meaningless conclusion to Lucas’ meaningless troubles.


Susan meets with Jim Dolan to interview him about his illness and some hospital initiative.  Jim, clearly thrilled to be on Neighbours, falls to the ground unconscious, with only the slightest justification.

Neighbours Or maybe he was just having a nap on the floor of Charlies.

This is particularly inconvenient because Susan is supposed to meet with Karl to spend some time together.  This is part of the writers terrible plan to create conflict and drama between Karl and Susan.  Susan takes Jim to the hospital, stays with him and doesn’t call Karl to let him know.

Neighbours Karl sits at home getting all worked up.


Kate continues to blame Sophie for losing Mark, which makes no sense so its either pointless filler or a plot device for some larger storyline.  It’s a shame that there is really no distinction between those two things.

Anyway, while Callum and Sophie hang out, Toady makes a comment about Callum’s disinterest in school.  I’m going to note that here for archiving purposes because at some point Callum is going to be extremely smart, just like his old pal Ben.

Susan finally comes home to Dr Karl and he isn’t even slightly annoyed at Susan for standing him up.  So all of yesterday’s angst was pointless. 

Toady does some lawyering work down at the police station.  He overhears a conversation between two detectives and finds out Detective Brennan has died. 

Meanwhile, Kate is now a psychic.  Cue dream sequence.

Neighbours ‘Mark?’ she yells at a silhouette.


The silhouette walks off and Kate’s dream ends.  I’m not sure what the writers are trying to convey here, but either Kate’s a psychic or her and Undies had a much stronger bond than was ever apparent in the months he was on the show.  Or perhaps the writers are just making this up as they go.

Anyway, Brennan died so the police in Erinsborough could continue to harass local small businesses.  I wonder why they chose the car dealership instead of Charlie’s.  Presumably pubs and clubs are more likely to be involved in corruption.


The below screen-cap might look like a low quality internet stream, which it is, but it’s also Neighbours’ attempt to convey Toady’s shock at hearing Undies’ death through the medium of blur-o-vision.

Neighbours He is also told not to tell anyone about Undies’ death.

Jim Dolan invites Susan to lunch as a thank you for her kindness, but it also serves as an opportunity for the writers to re-establish Jim’s character as a friendless and familyless loser, therefore deserving of Susan’s time and sympathy.  Susan asks about his workmates, but Jim is quick to point out that he is a dickhead and no one likes him.

He whinges about his illness and the side effects of the treatment, which does nothing to endear him to the viewers.  In fact, I’m quite looking forward to his death.  I think Karl agrees.

Neighbours …’and kill Jim Dolan, if he defeats cancer.’

Meanwhile, Toady makes his way home where Callum and Sophie are having a sleepover, but Sophie has sand in her vagina.  Callum tries to work out what is annoying Sophie, because she is always in a bad mood.

 Neighbours Toady explains menstruation.

Meanwhile the props department send the writers a subtle message.

Neighbours “Keep calm and press delete”


Lou has a series of handyman tasks he wants Kyle to do without pay because Lou is an investor in the handyman business. I’m not sure how Lou thinks he will make money if he consumes the time of the only handyman with pro bono work.  Seems another contrived way to invent drama.

Speaking of poorly construed drama Lucas mentions Detective Underpants to Kate, and she quickly bites off his head.  She later does the exact same thing to Sonya, because that is normal human behaviour.  I quite dislike Kate, especially as a character the viewer is supposed to sympathise with.

She ends up talking to Sonya about Underpants, which provides Kate with the perfect opportunity to do that theatre acting thing that I hate.

Neighbours Why is she talking in the opposite direction?  It just seems like tacky acting to me. 

At Charlie’s, Kyle pleads with Toady to help him amend his contract with Lou.  Apparently it requires Kyle to do a reasonable amount of work for Lou when he needs it.  Toady looks at him.

Neighbours ‘I have more important stuff to do.’

How can they say that and still assume this is a worthwhile storyline to run?

Shortly after that, the detective that arranged for Undies to go into witness protection and also allowed Toady to overhear discussion regarding Undies’ demise, pops into Charlie’s.

Neighbours ‘Toady, just the man I’m looking for.’  How convenient.

He reiterates the requirement for Toady to keep quiet, because he doesn’t want the ‘situation’ compromised.  Apparently talking about the death of only witness in a police corruption investigation can could compromise the situation.  I’d say the ‘death’ and ‘only witness’ parts of the previous sentence mean the ‘situation’ is ‘compromised.’  But it does ensure Toady won’t tell Kate and the larger purpose of dragging the storyline out is satisfied.


Summer wants Andrew to go see a black and white French film, which is a great way of characterising Summer as an insufferable tool.  Andrew agrees, and proposes a trade with Chris where Andrew will go to a university study session on Chris’ behalf and Chris will go see the movie with Summer.  It actually makes me dislike Andrew slightly less

And then there’s Tash.  When she isn’t behaving ridiculously she can actually be a decent character.  Like today, when she realises Andrew is pretending to be Chris, Tash decides to pretend Andrew is Chris and consistently insinuates that he is gay.  It’s great.

Also, Chris’ Greek caricature of a father turns up and is furious that Chris has an interest in cars.  I hope his mother is as hilariously stereotypical too.

Greek_food_recipes_cooking Chris you’ll either marry a nice Greek girl or live at home for EVER. 


2 Responses to “Neighbours Recap 4th – 8th July 2011”

  1. Rayya The Vet Says:

    haha great one guys,, who th hell is detective underpants!!

    • hotdogwehaveaweiner Says:

      Hey, Rayya. Come back to Sydney and you’ll learn the secret of Detective Underpants.

      Or I’ll just tell you – it’s Detective Mark Brennan. He is an underpants model who refused to wear a shirt during his time on the show.

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