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Neighbours Recap 10th – 14th October 2011

October 30, 2011


Toady gets home early from work so he can spend some time with Callum. That seems like a pretty flimsy reason to get time off work, so I suppose the storyline about Toady being overworked has run its course.

Toady arrives home and finds Callum playing a video game.  Well he isn’t just playing the video game, he is addicted to the video game.  Realising the severity of the situation…

Fat-Nerd-computer Callum’s future if Toady doesn’t act now.

…Toady quickly gets him out of the house for some physical activity.  Hopefully a kick of the footy will cure his addiction, but to Toady’s horror Callum can barely catch a football or kick it with any coordination anymore.

NeighboursThe scene is incredibly stupid.

Meanwhile, after two seconds of dialogue, Tash’s aunty confirms that Tash is just like her mother. 

Neighbours So dead and causing Michael to lose his mind, I suppose.

They continue to reminisce, when Tash rightly observes “you don’t really look like her.”

Neighbours “Well you do.”

Neighbours “I guess.”

That was neatly explained.  Moving on.


Tash realises that Michael has been lying to about her mum’s death.  She consults Summer who simply tells Tash to talk to her dad.  But that would be far to simple, instead Tash declares that because he has been lying, she can’t trust what he says anymore.

Neighbours “I must seek answers in every convoluted way possible.  It’s the only way.”

Lamb chop is the only one who can explain how I feel about this storyline.

Through an interpretive song.

Now that Karl and Susan are preparing to be separated their relationship is basically a series of trivial disagreements.  For example, tonight they discuss the shopping centre development, and despite Karl’s reasoned approach Susan is staunchly against the development.  She doesn’t actually give a reason why, but it does give these two more time to spend together.

Neighbours Surely not?

Work continues on the Erinsborough History Wall, which looks more like a giant landscape.

Neighbours Perhaps Gumtree (the website) was invented in Erinsborough.


Months since his departure Detective Brennan gets a mention when Kate suggests Lucas should just sell Brennan’s bike.  It seems an odd and dishonest thing to do, but according to Kate, it’ll help her move on.

cheese“I guess we didn’t have sex or maybe I just don’t bring the ruckus to the laides.”

Toady advises Lucas that to sell the bike there is a legal process he has to follow.  Apparently he has to place an ad in the newspaper and the owner has 60 days to collect it before it is for sale.  That seems kind of dodgy, but it works.  Brennan responds to the ad and collects his bike.



Because Lou bankrolled Dial-A-Kyle he is entitled to sell or not sell, it’s effectively his choice.  He decides he wants to sell to the property developers and make a nice earning on his investment.  I think this is meant to be presented as greedy, which it might if considered in isolation.  Anyway, he tells Kyle his plans and Kyle is outraged.

Neighbours “I get to make the day to day decisions about running the business.”

See what Kyle fails to understand is that day to day decisions are things like “will I move planks of wood from one side of the car park to the other,” which appears to be Kyle’s main trade.  Decisions like selling the business would fall outside of his responsibilities.


Callum finds out about Sonya’s task to contract Brennan and decides to help.  Surely if they want an investigation done they’d contact up and coming journalist, Summer, but I’m glad they didn’t.  Anyway, Callum completes his investigation.

Neighbours Callum concludes that Mark has disappeared off the face of the Earth.

He shows his evidence to Sonya who……

Neighbours Cries and tells him everything.

We can only assume she ate ice cream and went shopping for shoes to cheer herself up. 

The editing team kindly avoids making us watch Sonya explain how and why Mark was killed.  I wonder how Kyle will feel when he finds out, since he was the one who unearthed the most insignificant police corruption in the history of ever, which led to Mark’s presumed murder.


Andrew is concerned that Chris might beat him in the final exams.  The first devious attempt to sabotage his preparation sees the two enjoying a seemingly friendly conversation at the General Store, but Chris can’t decide what to eat.  Knowing food is Chris’ weakness….

Neighbours Andrew insists that he get the meat pie.

Neighbours Apparently aware that it would be cold.

Neighbours Dude, it’s clearly cold, don’t eat it.

The episode and the week finish with Toady about to tell Kate about Underpants’ death.

fat_guy_in_girl_underwear He died doing what he loved.