Neighbours Recap 26th –30th September 2010



I’m not sure if there’s a theme, but Sonya has a dress-up party and all the residents who were rostered to work that day are in costume.  Firstly we have Lucas who has come as his idol, Lemmiwinks.


Recognising the modest similarities between Toady’s previous wife Dee Bliss’ and Olivia Newton John’s runaway partner Patrick McDermott having an aquatic demise, Sonya decides to go as Sandy from Grease.

Neighbours“(s)he showed up, splashing around….”

Paul has managed to progress his application to heritage list the old office block for the Erinsborough News.

Neighbours Clearly a one story suburban office is significant enough to warrant heritage listing.

It’s pretty comparable to the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


On the other hand, the redundant toll booths on the Sydney Harbour Bridge can’t be removed because they are also heritage listed.

booths_wideweb__470x313,0 Must be the cultural significance.


Toady has to leave Sonya’s birthday party to tend to his evil boss.  Evil boss yells at Toady to sort out the heritage listing problem, threatening him with the sack.

Neighbours While Lucas tries to get Sonya into the sack.

Turns out Evil Boss gave the clients a guarantee that the project would go ahead and that the future of the legal firm hinges on its success.  So in other words Evil Boss is a terrible lawyer who has made his firm liable for its clients costs if the development doesn’t go ahead?

Neighbours That’s how big shot lawyers work.

Toady works his buttocks off to find a solution to the problem Paul has created.  After a pep talk from Malcolm, Toady is ready for his highly stylised montage which mainly consists of books opening and shutting. 

Toady manages to find a solution but it involves building the car park over Lucas’ garage.

Whatever. The Gaza Strip and Carpenter’s Garage are comparable.  Well it was either this song or Big Yellow Taxi and we all know how much that song sucks.

Meanwhile, Andrew and Chris’ car broking company is not off to a good start.  The first client has asked for a 1980s BMW 5 series and has put down a $1,000 deposit.  Despite the car being readily available via a simple internet search, the boys can’t help out their client.

Neighbours But Lucas saves the day at the last minute.

Given that the car probably cost about $2,000 I’m not exactly sure where Andrew was hoping to make a margin.  But since this is Neighbours, lets assume the writers saw an episode of Wheeler Dealers and thought fuck it.



Somehow-a-rather Tash has her long lost Auntie’s phone number so she gives her a call.

Neighbours “Aunty, I’d like to aggregate all the birthday presents you owe me into one nose job.”

Her Aunty doesn’t have the money, but she does work at a beauty saloon, so Tash agrees to a compromise of make-up and pampering.  She makes an appointment.  Also, to get rid of Chris, Tash says “now go and play with your sparkle plugs,” which is classic.


For the first time in the history of Neighbours two characters are mutually planning to have a child.  This is so clearly a plot device, there is no way Sonya is going to have a planned child.  The show simply does not work like that, they will go through the motions to prepare for the kid and then at the least opportune time: DRAMA and no kid.

Fortunately we have drama right here and right now.  Whilst various youths are painting a “history of Erinsborough” wall, Summer is making a video.

Neighbours She inadvertently steps on a bucket of paint.

Which makes Sophie furious.

Neighbours “I was going to use that yellow to paint the famous old Erinsborough News office block.”


Lou’s former flame Mishka splits in half like a babushka to reveal a slightly smaller, but with an equally bad accent carbon copy.

Neighbours But instead of being a mail order bride, she is a cleaner.

Literally nothing happens in this episode and the Friday cliff hanger is Tash meeting her aunt.  It took me 10 minutes to draw a picture that is a better cliffhanger.

A friend suggested he farts and kills the monster, but I'll leave it up to you.


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