Neighbours Recap 24th – 28th October 2011



After years and years of cultivating and projecting a normal father – daughter relationship, Michael is desperately protective of the seeds he’s sewn.  An artsy split screen shows Michael looking at a picture of his daughter.

Josef_fritzl%205 “I must avoid the truth coming out at all costs” he thinks.

Acting on that resolution, Michael approaches Emilia and demands that she leave Tash alone.  She objects, but he reasons that Tash is about to sit her final exams so the timing is extremely bad.  Worried that his excuse will only buy him a few months Michael continues, “plus she is so much like her mother.”

wenn1974301 “Just younger,” Michael  sagely adds, as he tries to adopt a more step-fatherly role.

Realising Emilia is perplexed by Michael’s logic, he turns to comedy.

107541“Basically my wife was immature. I’d be at home in the bath and she’d come in and sink my boats.”  Nice gag, Woody.

Like a gas filled blimp Summer takes to the air on Piratenet.

Neighbours Armed with redundant bullet points and baseless hearsay, she is ready to take on the local council.

Toady hears the broadcast and is quick to put Summer in her place.  Explaining that he sent the councillor a bottle of wine as an apology and it could hardly be considered bribery.  Summer, again unwilling to do even a modicum of investigation, accepts Toady’s word and prepares to do a retraction to avoid being sued for defamation.

But before she gets a chance she checks the PirateNet facebook page and finds further proof from Julia Meager.

Neighbours Or maybe Julia come to a conclusion without the truth.

Summer decides that the bottle of wine could be considered bribery, so she is going to stick to her story.  A minute of research would confirm that a bottle of wine wouldn’t even exceed the threshold as something a public servant needs to disclose as a gift.


Summer, the almighty ethical journalist, is treated to dinner by Paul, someone whose economic interests are against the shopping centre development.

Neighbours Paul orders a ‘gift’ bottle of wine.

After a night of crapulence, Summer decides to see Franga and find out more about his source.  She finds out the source is a surveyor named Tony.  The next day, as she walks along she happens upon a surveyor named Tony.

Neighbours It must be her lucky day.

She finds out that none of it is true.  It literally took random pot luck for Summer to check her sources, but now that she has dug her hole, maybe just maybe she will investigate “penalties for defamation,” but probably not.

As she laments her foolishness Andrew reasons that no one listens to PirateNet anyway.  Summer’s comfort is only short lived as her story has made the front page of the Erinsborough News.

NeighboursIt’s more or less international news now.

Once Toady finds out he flips his shit.  Despite this storyline being about corruption and his representing the property developers he storms into PirateNet and, acting on behalf of the council closes the radio station down.  So he is acting on behalf of both the council and the developers, but this conflict is completely ignored by Summer.

Neighbours “I don’t get it.  Did the council give Toady a bottle of wine?”


If you’re like me watching a character whinge and cry after they make an idiotic mistake is not how you’d like to spend half an hour.

Neighbours But it’s Summer crying and that’s great.

Even after completely fucking up there’s almost no introspective behaviour.  Instead she refuses Paul’s help because she is a self righteous knob. 

Even more satisfying is this could end her dreams of becoming a journalist.  Or more correctly put, this should end her dreams of becoming a journalist.  But no one seems particularly worried about that, instead they go to plan B The Erinsborough History Wall for her university portfolio.

Neighbours Even the history wall has a lofty stench of failure.


Now that we’ve got over the midweek hump the action starts rolling in thick and fast.  Sonya and Susan have decided to start a book club in which characters will read books and talk about the books.  The storyline really kicks off when Sonya asks Kate to join the book club and Kate agrees.

Then they actually hold the book club.

Neighbours They decide to meet once a month, and by golly, I’m going to make sure they do.  I’ve diarised it and everything.

Meanwhile Franga is ready for a night out on the town.  But before he can leave he needs to find something.

Neighbours Franga: “Has anyone seen the tool bucket?”

What the fuck is a tool bucket?  And look at Franga, surely he is a “tool bucket.”  Or maybe he was talking about Jade, having observed her flirting with Mal while her previous fling is off caring for his ill mother.

Neighbours Nope.  It’s literally a ridiculously shaped storage unit.

Horrible voice, waxed chest and V-neck shirts aside, my entire opinion of Franga quickly changes.  As he starts walking out the door he hesitates and claims “I’m going to the pub and, pretty much dominate.”  That’s pretty fantastic, and it’s quite clearly ad-libbed as Dr Cheesedick can’t help but laugh.


From what we know about Tash’s family she has been brought up by her Australian father and has had no contact with her Eastern European relatives.

Neighbours So why does she dress like a ridiculous Russian girl?

Neighbours Oh right.  I see.

Meanwhile Lucas has somehow sleazed on to Emilia and scored himself a date.  He’s quite excited about his prospects until.

Neighbours She must’ve sobered up or something.

Undeterred, Lucas decides to “bring the date to her.”  You know what girls love for a first date with a guy they hardly know?  They love it when you drive your van to their work and then lure them into said van with a picnic hamper.

Neighbours Lucas has clearly had experiences with mouse traps.

After some consideration I don’t think I can accept Franga.  The frosted tips and meticulously groomed “stubble” are both too much for me.

Neighbours He is just a douche.


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