Neighbours Recap 21st – 25th November 2011



Lucas’ snout catches a whiff of desperation that follows around a 30 something spinster.

Neighbours Or maybe its the cheese in her pocket.

This romance is so difficult to swallow.

Neighboursthe cameramen use extreme close ups and dizzying movement to confuse the viewer.

Their romance accelerates and these are some actual quotes just before that poor, poor actress is forced to kiss him.

“OK this is weird.

No just weird.

So we’re seriously going to do this?”

I do like it when they let the actors adlib.  What I have failed to mention is that all this takes place at Toady’s house, but just as they fall onto Toady’s couch, presumably to fuck on his couch (that’s pretty fucked up) the couch saves itself and the viewer.

Neighbours By falling apart.

Kate continues to act like a bitch to Noah, and when she finds him playing his guitar in her front yard she is furious.

Neighbours She’s all puffed up like those ridiculous sleeves.

They have a little argument and Kate accuses Noah of stalking her.  Noah is just a terrible actor with an emotionlessly monotone voice.

Neighbours Der dumb di diddly dumb di der.

Michael has to take sick leave so Libby some lady is promoted to Principal until he gets back.

Neighbours I’m just going to call her Libby.

Well the Erinsborough History Wall is complete.

Neighbours Completely just a landscape.

At the unveiling of the history wall, Noah tells Libby that Kate kissed him.  Kate denies it, despite clearly looking guilty, though Libby worries she is stuck in some kind of nightmare reliving her early career as a teacher.


NeighboursSomething is clearly wrong with Sonya, is it:

  1. Callum constantly using the internet; or
  2. Toady doesn’t want to replace his couch.

Ok, actually it’s both and her reaction is clearly justified.  The drama loosens when Toady concedes to her bitchy requests.

Meanwhile, Libby investigates Noah’s claims by interviewing both Kate and Noah separately.  She explains to Kate that, even though Noah is 18, he still hadn’t quite finished his exams, so this is still an issue.  A point of distinction between this story’s doppelganger. 

Maybe there’s a greater message at play here.

Noah gutlessly decides to change his story, because Sophie asked him to explaining that this would ruin Kate’s life and possibly hers too.  When Sophie finds out that Noah has changed his story, she lambasts him with a barrage of insults, apparently entirely forgetting that she was pleading him to change his story a scene ago.

As Sophie spits venom at Noah, he sits with that docile look on his face.  I hate Kate, but I also hate Noah.  There’s really no upside to this story.  Anyway, Andrew accidentally tells Sophie that Kate did in fact kiss Noah.

Neighbours Upon finding out, Sophie decides to use a face directly stolen from the Noah School of Emotion.

She decides to tell Libby that Kate has been lying.


Neighbours Summer borrows some of Lyn’s old clothes.

Kate finally admits what she did, though we, as the viewer, are still expected to be sympathetic to her because we know she did it in the aftermath of finding out her ex-boyfriend died.  Sophie is less sympathetic, as she threatens to move to Sydney and live with Harry (her brother for those who don’t remember).  She moves in with Paul instead.

With the secret out, Andrew decides to tell Summer that he deleted the time-lapse footage to protect Kate.  Explaining that he had no choice.

Neighbours Summer’s anger is resolved within a scene.


Summer can’t sleep, she is clearly stressed about something.

Neighbours Ah right, it was the whole cheating in the exam thing. 

Cue the most meaningless flashback in the history of television.


Meanwhile, Susan has noticed Mal and Karl arguing.  Because Jade seems to be at the centre of their tension, she concludes that Karl is now sleeping with Jade.  She realises that since Karl and her are over, it’s not like he is cheating, but it brings up old feelings about Sarah.

NicolaCharles002 Sarah remains one of my all time favourite characters.

Karl somehow works out that Susan thinks he is having a romance with Jade.

Neighbours Her jealousy makes him quite happy.


The actress who plays Sophie is quite ugly.

Neighbours I only mention that because she is on television and its quite distracting.

In response to Libby’s request for her to remove her nose ring Sophie distorts her face in ugly refusal.  Libby calls Kate to come pick up the now suspended Sophie.

Neighbours Which causes her to pull another face.


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