Neighbours Recap 23rd – 27th January 2012


This week I’m going to mix up the format by recapping the key storylines rather than in our traditional episode by episode style.

Dr Sociopath Can’t Wait to Operate

Unsatisfied with life as a simple Dr Cheesedick, Rhys decides he needs instant gratification in the form of a place on the surgeon’s programme which he failed to achieve on his own merits.  It seems only appropriate to upgrade Rhys from Dr Cheesedick to Dr Sociopath for the way he goes about achieving his goals.

For him to get on the surgery programme someone else needs to drop out, so Rhys decides to turn into a psychopath, or as he puts it:

Neighbours “I decided to become Dr Darcy Tyler”

His super-evil plan is to seduce a girl already on the programme, take her back to his place get her to stay the night.

Neighbours and turn off her alarm.  Dun dun DAHHHH!

For some reason Rhys decides to reveal his plan to Kate, even though she is a massive knob scratch.  With a surprising lack of (or maybe that should be UNsurprising lack of) self awareness, Kate tries to get high and mighty at Rhys and eventually reveals his plans to the girl.  Rhys manages to convince the girl that Kate is just an angry ex-girlfriend and the plot moves on.  Kate is a knob, though, just to be clear.

Rhys reminds me of Darcy, and he does, but he also reminds me of Professor Chaos in that his evil plans are easily thwarted.  Or at least the plans could be, but he manages to pull off everything and she gets sacked.

Michael Retires as Principal of Erinsborough High

Which paves the way for him to fuck off and for Priya to take over and I guess move into his house.

Chastity Belt

Paul walks down to find a young man he has never seen before talking to Sophie.  Now Sophie doesn’t introduce him as her new crush or anything.  In fact she lies to avoid what she expects would be a confrontation with Paul.

Neighbours Despite the fact Paul quite happily welcomes him into his house, at a point when he would’ve assumed the boy was there to see Sophie.

Anyway, Sophie escapes Paul’s supervision and goes on the date, which leads to this moment:

Neighbours Time to execute tired cliche #97

Neighbours Yes that’s right.  Paul interrupts them just before they kiss.

Although the scene is set up to portray Paul as outraged at the two teenager’s romance, in actuality Paul is simply concerned about Sophie lying to him.

The budding relationship between Sophie and the boy perseveres with the thinly veiled support of Andrew, who is seeking to sign the boy’s older brother’s band.  Yes, apparently Robinson Entertainment has the resources and is capable of band representation and management.

robinson entertainment I stand corrected.

Load the Shotgun because I need to fire some bullet-points

  • – Chris has a budding romance of his own, but he isn’t sure how to gay it up.
  • – Jade’s commitment issues were resolved.
  • – Sonya and Toady are trying to have a baby

Neighbours She’s even started wearing maternity dresses.


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