This blog was once a collaboration between two neighbours fans,  taking turns each week to recap the Australian soapie Neighbours, which airs in Australia and somehow also in England. However, after the departure of one of the recappers, it’s down to me, Greg,  to chart the downward slide of this terrible programme. Given the burden of having to actually watch the show and write about it though, recapping every other week of the show is about all I can stomach.

Neighbours is painfully shit to watch but joyful to mock. Let us enjoy.


16 Responses to “About”

  1. Ambrosia Says:

    This is piss funny.
    Fantastic job.

  2. yettiman Says:

    In celebration of Neighbours turning 25, I googled shrugalero which lead me to this blog. I’m very glad I found it, bloody hilarious.

  3. aB Says:

    Is there a Home & Away version is the question? There should be, i’m just saying..

  4. hotdogwehaveaweiner Says:

    I’m not aware of any H&A recap website.

    Also, H&A sucks.

  5. Mrwhynot Says:

    This is fucking hilarious. That is all.

  6. lorry Says:

    I also stumbled upon this blog, it is genius! None of my friends watch Neighbours so I can never discuss the ridiculousness of it with anyone, thank you for filling the hole I my life 😉 keep it up, it always cracks me up!! Lorry

    Ps… will libby ever return from “visiting” Ben at his genius school? If it’s the summer holidays surely he would have come back to Ramsey street??? Ah well, plot holes galore!!

  7. guest Says:

    Too funny.
    Thanks for the laufs – genius commentary!

  8. Mona Says:

    Just discovered this blog – you guys are a godsend! I’ve been looking for a Neighbours recap site for years, and not only do I find one, but it also captures the downright ludricousness of our fave Aussie soap to a tee. Stupendous.
    We’ve all known for a while how car-crash-like Neighbours has become, but at least now I have your recaps it won’t be so painful trying to look away every day. Cheers!

  9. Sharron (@Jeweledelephant) Says:

    I started by googling what happened to Tash’s mum and look where it led me, here to your blog. Loving your work, I think that me and my Dad are the last two people left in England watching Neighbours!! unless of course you two are from England …..

  10. Katie Says:

    I’ve had a crap day (mainly watching neighbours) and finding this has cheered me up no end. At last my one year old daughter and I can listen to classical music, do some art and craft and read books, without me missing out on the hilarity of Neighbours! Thanks for rescuing us 😉

  11. Kate Says:

    Your blog is the greatest blog ever. In the world. Seriously. (“Seriously 10”)

  12. aa2bigstix Says:

    OMG guys just found this.
    please continue this.
    I am dying to hear your take on Lucas TheDoormat Gnu getting Face Dumped by his BabyMumma and his arch enemy in the season finale…

  13. aa2bigstix Says:

    Please continue this.
    Love to hear your take on Lucas TheDoormat Gnu getting his heart crushed by his BabyMumma and his Arch Nemesis Dr Lefty in the Season Finale…

  14. Nb Says:

    This is excellent. I’m always googling neighbours plots that don’t make sense to see if I have missed some key information somewhere along the line. My latest find was that Lucas has been on the show previously as a Darren stark… So as memory serves, Libby has slept with this character as both Darren stark and as Lucas.

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